10 abuses Afghanistan women & girls are bound to face soon


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Violence Against Women & International Women Empowerment:


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10 bans and abuses Afghanistan women and girls are bound to face soon

Afghan women and girls most likely will not exercise their fundamental human rights

The new Taliban government of Afghanistan has taken over power in the war-torn country and it is yet premature to say whether there will be peaceful coexistence among the citizen and upholding of fundamental human rights of women and girl children.

Recent reports show that women have been sent home from their jobs and universities in cities that have fallen under Taliban control.

However, in reference to the history and mission of the Taliban group, it is unlikely that the women will not be allowed to exercise their franchise, and will be ban in public, from pursuing their career life and professional goals and from participating in politics and governance.


10 things Afghan women and girls might be banned from doing

Here are 10 waves of abuse and life bans Afghanistan women and girls are bound to face soon as a result of the takeover of the government of Afghanistan in total adherence to the extreme version of Sharia Law

1. Ban of female education over the age of 10

2. Ban from the workforce

3. Ban from career life and professional goals

4. Ban on leaving the house without a male chaperone

5. Ban on showing any skin in public

6. Ban on accessing healthcare administered by a man

7. Ban on the pursuit of political ambition

8. Ban from participating in governance

9. Mandatory wearing of the burqa

10. Restrictions on day-to-day freedoms and public outings


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