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Latest Android 12 has high performance features

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10 Best High Performing Android 12 Features You May Not Know

At Google’s annual I/O developer conference last year, the search giant unveiled a sweeping design overhaul of its Android mobile operating software, describing Android 12 as “private and secure,” a “deeply personal” mobile OS, and one that also now works better together with other devices. Android 12 is the mobile OS`s biggest update in years and it comes with a handful of hidden features that you should know about.

With bolder visuals and smoother animations right from the buttons to the sliders – a charming attractive new appearance, it launches a new adaptive design language that refreshes the software camera appearance.

However, Android 12 is not just a cosmetic update, though: it also packs a series of practical additions that you may have missed. 

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Android 12`s best-hidden features are stuck unfathomable in the settings. The changes released include the customized design, with its new colour palette, turning off sensitive modules like microphones with a simple touch, new buttons and sliders, and a more fluid app experience.

There are also new privacy features in Android 12, such as controlling your phone with just facial expressions, phones and tablets run the latest Android release being able to show indicators at the top of the screen which will signal to the user that the camera and/or the microphone are currently in use.

That’s not all that’s hidden in the software. Here are the best 10 Android 12 hidden features you should use;

 1. It takes long screenshots

Android 12 addresses the issue of taking multiple shots and manually scrolling them until they cover the entire length when taking screenshots of a long web page or document with improved screenshots.

It can automatically stitch screenshots based on your needs, like capturing a long or extended web page that not only includes what`s on your screen at the moment but also everything that`s below it.

How to take scrolling screenshots on Android mobile phones

To take scrolling screenshots on an Android mobile phone, press the power and volume down keys together and tap the “Capture more” button next to the popup on the bottom left corner. Drag the screenshot`s corners to select how much of the view you want to capture and hit “Save.”

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2. It adds a new Google Assistant invocation method

Among other changes, we noted a summary review of features of a new Google Assistant invocation method is available to users by simply long-pressing the power button to summon the virtual assistant.

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 3. It blocks microphone access and “Camera access” for the cameras.

On Android 12, whenever an app accesses your phone`s camera or microphone, an indicator pops up at the top of your screen, making it easy for you to do an instant upgrade of your privacy and block all apps from using your phone`s camera or microphone from the Quick Settings panel. This is possible with the new feature Android 12 comes with that is equipped with kill switches for these modules.

How to block microphone access and “Camera access” for the cameras (How to do kill switches)

Pull down the Quick Settings and swipe left on it to visit the next page of toggles. Tap “Mic access” to block microphone access and “Camera access” for the cameras. However, if you don`t see those prompts, click the pen button in the bottom left, which will reveal a slew of new titles including the aforementioned ones.

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4. It aids screen-shrinking for one-hand use

It seems exciting to know that Google also added a one-handed mode on Android 12. When enabled, the top of the screen content slides to the bottom for easier one-handed control, similar to the Reachability tools on iOS.

How to enable one-hand use on Android 12

You can enable One Hand Mode on Android 12 by going to Settings > System > Gestures > One Hand Mode. To use it, you need to swipe down on the navigation bar at the bottom center of the screen.

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5. It does ‘Quick Tap’ (switches phone back to shortcut)

 In Android 12, you can quickly launch specific activities and apps by double-tapping the back of your phone. It’s called “Quick Tap”

How to do “Quick Tap”

‘Quick Tap’ mode for turning your phone’s back into a shortcut can be found in Settings > System > Gestures. You can choose from a variety of link shortcuts, such as taking a screenshot or pausing media playback.

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 6. It turns a user into a professional gamer

 Android 12 has some new tricks for gamers. When playing games on your Android 12 phone, you can open the game bar with several tools to enhance your gaming experience. The dashboard has options to turn on the FPS counter, record your gameplay, and stream it from sites like YouTube. You can also quickly put your phone into Do Not Disturb mode to optimize performance for best results.

Spotted by Reddit user Kilarasx, according to Yahoo Entertainment, it seems there’s actually a secret game mode tucked away in the Digital Wellbeing settings. Also reported by Android Authority, this Game Mode setting in Digital Wellbeing > Do Not Disturb > Schedules includes a schedule you can tap that, according to the Reddit user, then apparently takes you to a game menu with an optimization model and the ability to conveniently record gameplay and stream the footage to YouTube.

7. It comes with a new video chat system

Similarly, meanwhile, one of the coolest features in the Google teased at I/O was Google’s Project Starline, a new video chat system that utterly blew people away — it lets you see an actual, 3D representation of the other person, such that it feels like they’re right there in front of you and in the room with you. It is likened to looking through a sort of magic window, and through that window, you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions, talk with the person naturally, making gestures and eye contact.

How to enable ‘gaming’ on Android 12

Go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedule, turn on the game, then tap the gear icon next to it. Toggles the game control panel and Do Not Disturb options for the game. Now when you open a game on your phone, you’ll see a black controller button on the edge of the screen. Touch to enter the game panel or dashboard.

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8. Face to Control Phone

It allows the use of your face to control your phone. For users with disabilities, Android 12 has new accessibility tools that allow you to control the interface using only your facial expressions. You can assign multiple facial gestures to tasks and navigate the OS without ever touching your phone. For example, if you open your mouth, you can bring down the notification panel, or look to the right to go home.

How to enable and activate ‘’Switch access’’

Enable Access Toggle by going to Settings > Accessibility > Switch Access to activate “Use Switch access.” Start by selecting Switch Camera on the next screen and continuing the connection process with the default options.

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 9. Additional screen dimming

If you’re tired of your phone’s screen being too bright for nightly scrolling sessions, Android 12 has a handy toggle. This allows you to dim the screen beyond the brightness slider. This option is called “Extra Dim” and can be found in Settings > Accessibility

Turn on “Extra Dim” and Android 12 closes the blinds and adds a bit of tint to the display. However, although the difference is negligible, it should still be more comfortable for the eyes than the lowest value of the Brightness slider.

10. Do more in overview mode

 Google can get even more by updating its app overview mode in Android 12. You can now take screenshots and copy text and images in multitasking mode that switches between all active applications. Inside the updated overview mode, you`ll first spot two new buttons. “Screenshot” is self-explanatory and saves a screengrab of your last activity on an app. “Select” applies an OCR engine on the app`s view and allows you to copy any text on it. In case it`s a browser, you`ll find a new button at the top to grab its link, and if there`s an image, you can long-press its thumbnail to copy or share it.

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