Top 10 Best Trending Easy-to-do Remote Jobs with no Experience Worldwide


Top 10 Best Trending Remote Work from home Jobs with no Experience

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Remote Work-from-home Job Opportunities are on the Rise in the Future

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In the future, more people will switch to Remote Jobs because of its flexibility and excellent work-life balance benefits. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio:

Remote job opportunities are on the rise in 2022 and are expected to continue to increase through 2025 after leaping from under 4% of all high-paying jobs before the pandemic to about 9% at the end of 2020 and to more than 15% today, according to Ladder.

Remote work companies are waking up from the reeling effects of the recent ‘The Great Resignation’ after which it was reported that about 4.5 million people employees in America voluntarily quit their jobs in November 2021, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics reported, many are switching to work from home jobs (synonymously used with remote jobs) as the industry expert expect a boom in the market through the coming years.

Remote jobs search on websites for remote work from home or any other remote work option will result in tens of thousands of openings worldwide from anywhere in the world tagged ‘near me’ in the US, UK, Canada, Europe (Spain, France, Germany, etc.) including other Spanish and French-speaking countries, India, China, Japan, South Korea, among others.

Online Remote job listings in companies provide magnificent benefits for different categories of prospective workers and positions – skilled professionals with experience that are high-paying, entry-level positions with no experience, and unskilled easy to do remote jobs positions with no degree or experience.

Top 10 Best Trending Easy-to-do Remote Work from home Jobs with no Experience Worldwide

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There are best easy-to-do remote jobs opportunities with no experience you can apply to companies online. Photo by fauxels

Here are the top 10 best online easy-to-do remote jobs with no experience companies are listing, posting, and hiring for job-seekers to find new work-from-home employment opportunities

1. Account Executive (AE)

First in the list of the top 10 best online entry-level easy-to-do remote jobs with no experience is the position of an Account Executive (AE)

What does a work-from-home remote account executive do?

As a remote work-from-home account executive of a company, you can work in many fields, Investopedia stated, to find leads and close sales deals with existing clients or new prospects, maintaining an ongoing business relationship with clients for the growth of his companies.

Account Executive Salary

The average base salary of an account executive, according to the Bridge Group, is $66,000 with commissions on on-target earnings (OTE), the Salesman reported

2. Accounts Payable Specialist (APS)

Who is an Accounts Payable Specialist?

In business accounting, organizations often spend money on goods and services to help them achieve their goals. Accounts Payable (AP), as a key element in an organization’s overall financial picture, is money in bills owed to vendors. Accounts Payable Specialist (APS) is the person in charge of paying the bills.

What does a Remote Accounts Payable Specialist do?

As an inexperienced accounts payable specialist working remotely from home or anywhere worldwide, you will handle the AP—the bills or liability—for an organization. The job requires you to ensure bills are accurate and paid on time and that any invoices received are authorized – a factor critical to the health of the company as it impacts budget and cash flow. It is one of the easy remote jobs to do in 2022 with no experience

How much does an Accounts Payable Specialist earn?

An Accounts Payable Specialist can earn as much as $47,000 (approximately) per annum as salary, even as a remote work-from-home job.

3. Administrative Assistant

What does an Administrative Assistant do?

Administrative assistants are responsible for providing support to managers and employees as well as tending to clients and office visitors. The role of an administrative assistant is one of the ten in-demand easy-to-do remote jobs with no experience.

As a remote administrative assistant, you are to primarily perform clerical duties that assist in the overall productivity and organization of an office or company. Administrative assistants are also referred to as secretaries, administrative specialists, or administrative coordinators.

Administrative Assistant Job Salary

An administrative assistant job salary for an employee working remotely is $18 per hour.

4. Billing Specialist

Billing Specialist is another top remote job position you can land without experience as an entry-level staff work-from-home remote job billing specialists play the role of an office administrator who manages billing processes, usually for an insurance company’s client or hospital medical patient.

The position requires the management of medical billing for patients, updating patient or client information, generating invoices, and processing payments. They can also be responsible for coordinating payment schedules for self-pay customers, following up on insurance claims, consulting with patients’ families, posting payments in a timely manner, helping resolve client billing issues, and assisting patients with applying for healthcare credit programs.

What is the salary of a billing specialist?

While the average annual salary for a billing specialist is $43,800 in the United States (US), expect an earning for such a remote job near to or not far from that in the UK, Canada, and even Europe.

5. Call Center Representative 

What does a Call Center Representative do?

A call center representative, working remotely, may be required to handle inbound and outbound calls for an organization, attend to customer inquiries, resolve customer complaints and educate customers about the organization’s products and services.

A remote call center representative staff working as a customer service representative, can be called a contact center agent, customer sales representative, or telemarketing representative. With more job experience and qualifications, they can progress to become a call center manager, customer services director, or an operations manager.

How much does a Call Centre Representative earn?

The average base salary of an entry-level call centre representative can earn up to $17 per hour working remotely.

6. Customer Service Representative 

What does a Customer Service Representative do?

A customer service representative answers questions or requests from customers or the public. He can provide services by phone, face-to-face interaction with customers, email or text, live chat, and through social media.

As a remote entry-level customer service representative working from home, your specific duties and responsibilities may vary by industry. You may work for utility and telecommunications companies, helping customers with service problems, such as outages, for instance. You may also sell products or services and help generate sales while providing information, using information and computer systems technology to provide solutions for customers

What is the salary of a Remote Customer Service Representative?

The average base salary of a customer service representative with no experience working from home or anywhere worldwide is about $16 per hour.

While annual base salary will vary slightly in different countries and locations – ‘near me’ in cities of the world including the US, UK, Canada, Europe (France, Switzerland, Spain, etc.) including other Spanish and French-speaking countries and Asian countries like China, India, Japan, name them.

7. Executive Assistant

What does an Executive Assistant (EA) do?

Executive Assistants working remotely from home or anywhere are responsible for handling a variety of supportive office administration tasks of company executives.

Their duties and responsibilities include prioritizing emails and phone calls, arranging meetings, and scheduling business events, clients, and other external partners.

As an executive assistant in a remote job company, you are required to keep deep attention to detail in organizing and managing the office’s day-to-day events in an accurate and timely manner able to make the right decisions independently. The role is a sensitive one.

Executive assistants may also track daily expenses, prepare weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports, and manage the clerical staff. They can maintain office inventory and order supplies when needed. They are the interface between executives and employees

What is the entry-level salary of an Executive Assistant?

With increasing levels of responsibility come rising salaries. The average national salary for an executive assistant in the United States is $59,000, according to the latest Robert Half Salary Guide. Remote entry-level staff in that position with no experience can earn the same amount.

8. Marketing Coordinator

What does a Marketing Coordinator do?

Marketing coordinators’ duties and responsibilities are to ensure that all of the fragments of a campaign or initiative—from strategy to execution—come together flawlessly. According to Climb the Ladder, marketing coordinators are the glue that holds together marketing teams.

Working from home or anywhere in the world as a marketing coordinator may also bring you to work on any project at a given time. You can commonly help with the development and implementation of marketing plans, campaigns, events, promotions, and other related job tasks.

How much does a Marketing Coordinator earn?

The annual salary of a marketing coordinator basically is $52,500 (equivalent to $25 per hour approximately) even for a remote working option.

9. Recruiting Coordinator

What does a Recruiting Coordinator do?

In remote jobs, the roles of a recruiting coordinator entail everything from listing and posting open positions to job boards, coordinating candidate travel, scheduling interviews across departments, handling last-minute scheduling changes, creating offer letters, conducting background checks, and smoothing over any other speed bumps in the hiring process. A recruiting coordinator works from the time candidates respond to a job opening and ends when the organization fills the position in question.

While facilitating the movement of candidates through the recruitment process, recruiting coordinators work closely with recruiters, talent-sourcing representatives, and headhunters, to ensure the hiring process runs smoothly.

How much does a Recruiting Coordinator make? 

The Recruiting Coordinator’s salary in the United States is $51,683 as of October 27, 2022, on average, according to Smart Recruiters. But, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a recruiting coordinator is $60,000. The hourly wage for the position is just over $29 per hour.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors including skills level, degree or no degree qualifications, experience or no experience, certifications, and even membership or no membership of a professional body.

10. Staff Accountant 

The last remote job position in our list of the top ten best work from home Jobs with no experience of 2022

What does a Staff Accountant do?

Staff accountants are responsible for bookkeeping, organizing financial records, and performing the calculations required to file taxes for businesses and organizations.

Even if the job is a bit tasking, it is a job one can be employed as an entry-level staff with no experience.

What is the Salary of a Staff Accountant?

The average salary of a Staff Accountant in the United States (US) is $59,429 but the salary range typically falls between $54,125 and $65,477. According to Payscale, staff accountants earned an average annual salary of $52,980 as of June 2022.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors including skills level, degree or no degree qualifications, experience or no experience, certifications, and even membership or no membership of a professional body.

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