Google Lens as a tech tool for learning and working from home


Google Lens can be used by learn-and work-from-home persons


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Google Lens as a tech tool for learning and working from home

Working from home requires learning creative tech tools

Working from home allows you more flexibility in day-to-day life, the opportunity to work for companies online or offline remotely, or the ability to pursue other interests including personal for present sustenance and speculative purpose.

While some remote learn-from-home activities and work-from-home jobs require certain technical skills or degrees, such as insurance agents or medical coders, others demand artistic and creative skills like writing or design which require the use of certain tech tools.

Google Lens features a helpful tool for getting things done while learning and working from home and becoming more productive and liberated.


5 Ways of using Google Lens as a learning and working from home tool

1. Google Lens search

Google Lens Text Search
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Google Lens Text Search. Image credit:


Google Len search is a feature of the app that makes it possible for one to learn new things and to become more creative and productive even when working at home.

Learning never stops and a work-from-home engagement needs skill and versatility. One can identify, understand and know a lot of things everywhere in the house, surroundings as well as work activities – with Google Lens search.


2. Google Lens copies text from paper or mobile phone or computer laptop to another computer device

Google Lens can be quickly used to copy and paste text from paper notes and documents to your mobile phones and desktop computer or laptop, or even on any other computer devices to save both energy and time.

 How to use Google Lens to copy text from paper or on your mobile phone or computer laptop (devices) to another: 2 Steps

The 2 steps on how to use Google Lens on your mobile phone or computer laptop are:

  1. From your smartphone or on paper, select text with Google Lens
  2. Tap “Copy to computer” to quickly paste it on another signed-in computer device with Chrome.

This is an excellent tool for quickly copying legibly and neatly handwritten notes and pasting it on your computer laptop or device without having to retype them all.

Copying text to your computer using Google Lens requires the latest version of Chrome, and for both devices to be signed into the same Google account.


3. Google Lens helps to search for and learn new languages and words

Searches for learning a new language have doubled over the last few months. Google Lens searches for a new language and translates languages in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and more than 100 other languages, by pointing your camera at the text. So, if you are using the extra time, use Google Lens to pick up a new language you want to learn at home.

Certain employers seek for work-from-home job seekers to be fluent in two or three foreign languages both in speaking and writing.

Consistently, Google Lens search facilitates learning and working from home using different languages.

You can also now use Lens to practice words or phrases that are difficult to say.  Select the text with Lens and tap the new Listen button to hear it read out loud, finally figuring out how to pronounce the word.

4. Quickly lookup new concepts

If you come across a word or phrase you don’t understand in a book or newspaper, like magnetic resonance” Google Lens can help you learn it. Now, with in-line Google Search results, you can select complex phrases or words to quickly learn more.

5. Solving homework questions and problems

Google Lens scans homework questions papers or problem pages in a book and proffers solutions to them.



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