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Photo by Lan Gao on Unsplash

13 unbelievable, strange, weird, scary, and interesting real stories and news of 20th June 2022

1. Russian journalist sells his 2021 Noble Peace Price Medal for $103.5 million on World Refugee Day to help displaced Ukrainian children

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Nobel Peace Prize winner Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of the influential Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, poses for a picture next to his 23-karat gold medal. voanews.com

Russian journalist, Dmitry Muratov, an editor of one of Russia’s last independent newspapers, Novaya Gazeta, auctioned off his 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Medal bringing in a record-shattering $103.5 million on World Refugee Day to raise funds in order to help displaced Ukrainian children. This is one of the most interesting news of 20th June 2022.

The winning bidder of the auction was not identified by the organizer, Heritage Auctions.

The funds would be put into UNICEF’s humanitarian response purse for war-displaced Ukrainian children

Muratov was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with journalist Maria Ressa of the Philippines for their work to preserve free speech in their countries.

The previous record price paid for a Nobel Prize medal was $4.76 million in 2014.

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2. Peacock seen flying in an incredibly long-distance and time – Video

In another bizarre news, a peacock was unimaginably seen flying a long distance in an unimaginably long time. Peacocks usually do not fly far and high.

Click here to find the video clip of the flying peacock.

3. Kid born with 19-inch ears

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A newly born Nubian kid, named Simba. ndtv.com

A newly born Nubian kid, named Simba, a goat breed in Sindh province Karachi, Pakistan bears unusually long ears measuring almost 19 inches (46cm) turning her into a local celebrity in Pakistan.

The goat, which could hold, Guinness World Record for longest ears in a goat, astounded its owner Muhammad Hassan Narejo when it was born with its unusually long ears

The goat’s ears are so long that they drag on the floor as she walks. They dangle down on either side of her face and wiggle in the wind. 

Simba is a Nubian, a goat breed that is known for its long ears that serve an important purpose: helping to keep the body cool in hot weather but the ears of this kid goat are much lengthier than that of a normal Nubian.

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4. Giant cobra swallows a huge viper almost its size – A video shows

Click below to watch the video

One of the weird incidents of this report is a giant cobra in Gujarat, India, which was videoed eating a five-foot Russell’s viper in Kalali, Vadodara, Gujarat. The giant Indian cobra has been recorded slowly eating the enormous viper dinner after a brutal fight between the two snakes.

The Wildlife SOS team – a non-profit charity that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife across India, in collaboration with the Gujarat Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was called to Madhu Farm during the incident and it was carefully removed the cobra from the farmhouse and released back into its natural environment. 

The six and a half feet cobra can be seen utilizing a very special feature that snakes possess that allows them to swallow prey much bigger than their heads, like a big rodent or, in this case, another enormous snake. 

Indian cobras can be found across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and southern Nepal and they generally prey upon mammals as an adult, and amphibians, small snakes, and lizards when juvenile. The colour of their skin varies according to the habitat, ranging from black with white streaks to a uniform brownish-grey.

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5. Cobra found sitting on an officer’s table at a railway station

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A six-foot cobra sitting on a table of a railway officer in a panel room of Ravtha Road (RDT), Kota Division in Rajasthan Railway Station. Picture credit: ndtv.com

Another similar bizarre incident was reported in Rajasthan Railway Station where a six feet cobra sneaked on the table of a railway officer in a Panel room of Ravtha Road (RDT), Kota Division, and was pictured sitting on the top of a table with his open hood.

The six-foot cobra had no effect on train service on the busiest segment of the station is thronged by thousands of engineering/medical aspirants daily as many garnered on social media to make and share their views.

6. US police launch a dating site for dogs and cats

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US Police Sheriff Wayne Ivey, with the help of the department’s police dog K-9 Junny, recently launched a spoof dating site for cats and dogs called “Tender”. Photo by Andrew S on Unsplash

US Police Sheriff Wayne Ivey, with the help of the department’s police dog K-9 Junny, recently launched a spoof dating site for cats and dogs called “Tender”.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida announced the site as a method of matching up adorable pets with their “furever homes”.

The announcement for the site read, “You will only want to swipe right when you see these adoptable cuties.”

The authorities said that each week the post of a new profile picture of a homeless dog or cat at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Centre will be put in the spotlight for potential families to “swipe right” which would almost guarantee a perfect match for a new pet and owner.

7. A $150,000 high-class dog house is considered exclusively as the ultimate dog house money can buy.

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A dog den – The “Inuden”, a $150,000 architectural wonder built absolutely by hand by a Japanese palace carpenter. Picture credit: odditycentral.com

A dog den – The “Inuden”, a $150,000 architectural wonder built absolutely by hand by a Japanese palace carpenter, is probably the ultimate dog house money can buy.

The Inuden Project, according to the company, is aimed at creating and selling the decisive dog house using the beauty and technology of Japanese shrines and temples by experts in traditional architectural construction – genuine techniques by carpenters and sheet metal craftsmen.

Literal dog mansions featuring all sorts of luxurious amenities that cost up to $200,000 have been reported in the past but none of them were as rare as the ‘Inuden’ dog palace.

8. Communion piece of bread put into a glass of water turns bloody in a church

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A piece of bread in a glass of water in a holy communion mass that turned bloody. irishmirror.ie

A Eucharistic Minister who dropped a piece of bread in a glass of water in a holy communion mass returned to notice it has become bloody in the water.

The unbelievable incident that took place at St. Joseph’s Church in Aghamore, near Knock, was the site of the bizarre incident that has thousands of people talking online. This is perhaps to readers the strangest story of today’s report.

The Indian Parish Priest who was ministering in the local church in Mayo allegedly added more water, left it again, and came back to see that the bread had taken the form of bloody flesh.

9. A 661-pound stingray caught in a Cambodia river becomes the world’s largest freshwater fish

Watch the video

A 42-year-old fisherman in Cambodia caught a 661-pound giant stingray caught in a river in Stung Treng area believed to be the largest freshwater fish ever encountered through research.

The Cambodian fisherman called the attention of a scientific research group with the Wonders of Mekong research project. The group had installed underwater receivers to track migratory fish in the Mekong River in northern Cambodia and had asked local fishermen to get into contact if they made any significant catches. The scientists paid the fisherman for his catch and released the stingray after they weighed, measured, and tagged the fish.

“You have a fish that’s now the record holder for the world’s largest freshwater fish, and we know little about it,” Zeb Hogan, a fish biologist at the University of Nevada and host of National Geographic’s Monster Fish TV series told NBC News.

10. Raccoon pictured on top of Kentucky light pole spends a day there.

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A raccoon was pictured on top of a Kentucky light pole. mountain-topmedia.com

A raccoon that was pictured on top of a Kentucky light pole spent a day there.

Firefighters in Kentucky warned drivers to beware of a raccoon that had “taken up residence” at the top of a light pole near a store, but the animal ended up vacating its perch “on their own free will.”

11. Scientists say that humans breathing through their butt could save lives

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The butt of a woman. Scientists say human breathing through their butts could save lives. Photo by Artem Beliaikin

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to breathe through one’s butt. According to a new report in the journal Clinical and Translational Resource and Technology Insights, a group of scientists performed a series of experiments on pigs and mice, based on the slow metabolism of turtles and found a unique way for humans to survive should we suddenly lose the ability to breathe through our mouths and noses.

Breathing through the butt could involve scrubbing the intestines of the animals to thin out the mucosal lining- thus reducing the barrier to the bloodstream.

12. Mum shares no-scrubbing hack to get tile plaster cleaned out – Video

Click below here to watch the video

In a video shared to TikTok, Asure MacCannel, a mum from the US, explained how she discovered Healthier Home’s Degreaser could clean the floor without get on your hands and knees and scrub- as well as leave her item sparkling.

She accidentally spilled a degreaser on her floor and discovered that it cleaned her grout without even scrubbing and then filmed herself demonstrating the cleaning tip, instructing people to simply pour the degreaser on the tiled floor, allow it to sit for a minute, and then wipe it away with a mop

13. Putin says Russia is building the new world order right now

Watch video of Putin speak of end of Western dominance

It is interesting to know that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin said that Russia is building the new world order right now following the war in Ukrainian. President Putin said the world would never be the same after the ‘special operation’ in his speech at the plenary session at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum

In his speech, Mr. Putin warned the Western political leaders about clinging “to the shadows of the past” and the dominance of the West in global politics and economy is coming to an end, taking a swipe at the European Union leaders he described as “dancing to someone else’s tune,” after losing its political sovereignty, according to Daily Star.

He warned about the negative effects of the actions he described as “divorce from reality” that will lead to populism.

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