5 best ways to drink homemade ginger tea


Ginger tea drink can be made with honey, lemon, flu elixir and mint

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Food Health Benefits for Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Living


5 best ways to drink homemade ginger tea


Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Living in eating well-balanced diets and foods come with several health benefits. Ginger tea has several health benefits and there are a good number of ways to derive them in combination with honey, lemon, soda, flu elixir, among others. Here are the 5 best ways to drink ginger.


1. Drink ginger and mint with iced green tea mixed with lemon and honey

To make this homemade chilled ginger tea with a refreshing hint of mint and mellow caffeine kick from green tea, bring fresh ginger in water to a boil, add your green tea bags and mint leaves, and then squeeze in some lemon and honey.


2. Drink ginger iced tea with honey

Stir freshly grated ginger and honey into your favourite homemade tea and chill for the ultimate sip and derive all the enjoyment and health benefits.


3. Drink homemade ginger ale

It’s not quite ginger tea, but it involves creating fresh ginger simple syrup, adding a spritz of lemon, and topping it off with club soda. This homemade ginger ale is deemed far better than that stuff from a can.


4. Drink Ginger, Lemon, Honey Cold, and Flu Elixir

Ginger, Lemon, Honey Cold, and Flu Elixir is a homemade drink with the health benefits of soothing your cold symptoms and warming you up from the inside and out.


5. Drink ginger tea with lemon

You can make your ginger tea and drink it straight up or with some lemon, or enjoy it iced for the same health benefits. You can also use 8 ounces of unsweetened ginger tea as the liquid base for your smoothies.


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How to Prepare Ginger Tea at Home and Other Ways to Use it

Making ginger tea at home is easy, but can one prepare the home recipe with ease? Making ginger tea is simple and can take less than half an hour.

You can also easily make homemade ginger tea from scratch at home with boiling water, sliced ginger root, fresh lemon juice, and honey for a healthy hint of sweetness even while you can easily find ginger-flavoured or ginger-infused tea bags at the store.

Plain old hot or iced tea can be used to add flavour to various dishes, from veggies to grain. Even though you can drink only ginger tea, but you can also use it as a base for cooking rice so that you end up with a spicy kick to your finished dish.

Another option is to use it instead of vegetable broth to sauté vegetables in.



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