5 trusted ways to get genuine remote ‘Work from Home’ jobs


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5 trusted ways to get genuine or reliable online remote and ‘Work from Home’ social media jobs


Online remote and social media jobs are here to stay. The already-ravaged global economy by COVID-19 pandemic reshapes itself for the challenges ahead as economic recovery is muted to take a long time. Remote online work-from-home and other virtual-engagement capabilities have begun gaining competitively from the present situations with many companies especially tech ones ….

There are thousands of people who are doing work-from-home jobs and entry-level remote jobs you can find online on social media websites, but many of them are not genuine or reliable. In this post, we shall consider five trusted ways to find and get genuine or reliable ‘Work from Home’ and remote jobs online and on social media.



1. Enhance and update your social media accounts profiles

Facebook account profile update page
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Enhance your opportunities to get a genuine ‘Work from Home’ job by updating your online and social media accounts profiles that employers may refer to if they embark on the job search.

Update your profile if you have added a new academic degree, professional certification, skills, and other competencies and focus your account headlines with eye-catching keywords like skills, experience, and accomplishments throughout your profile to make it easier for employers to find you with relevant opportunities. Ensure your upload a professional profile photo.


2. Do online networking and join a remote job group

Digital Marketing Facebook Group
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Digital Marketing Facebook Group


Once you get your online and social media accounts updated, start online networking for self-marketing. You can customize your online and social media account profile with the keywords that the employer is using in the job description. You can create posts or ads on your social media websites about your desire to take up a ‘Work from Home job. Send messages to friends and contact friends in that regard. Doing online network marketing of your ‘brand’ self will go a long way to reach out to many friends.

Again, joining an online job group or community is highly recommendable, but the group must match your interest and support your location or region. You might choose to join a marketing group if you want to take up a work-from-home marketing job or join a European group if you are based in Europe.

Joining an online or social media group for a remote job requires you to answer some questions before getting the approval to join the group or community.

As you do your online network marketing, be open to accepting part-time jobs either working as a contractor or freelancer since many ‘Work From Home’ is offered on a part-time basis.


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3. Watch out for online scams

Online scam on the Internet
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Online scam on the Internet. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


There is so many ’Work from Home’ scam jobs that appear too good to be true. Take necessary precautions not to fall into the hands of the scammers considering that when it seems too good to be true, it usually is, as a general rule. All that glitters are not gold. In this case, it is a bar of not glittering gold.

Scammers, armed with the knowledge about the growing demand for ‘Work from Home’ jobs, make tempting half-or quarter-truth offers for assembly projects, envelope stuffing schemes, medical billing businesses, and craft in luring online users into gaining access into their accounts.

Scamming can come in different ways. One of the ways you can avoid being scammed is not to give out sensitive personal information like your Social Security Number or banking information or passwords. Doing that would grant them access to your personal data.

Scammers have sophisticated tools, equipment, and software to hack users’ accounts including Silicon Valley and other big tech companies. Modern and advancements in technology are helping them too. The only two major personal information you can release to ‘Work from Home’ and other online jobs employers are phone numbers and email addresses, as this allows them to get in contact with you.


4. Research about the credibility of the company and its job listing

Job listing company research on Google Search
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Job listing company research on Google Search. Image credit: google.com/search


Do thorough and careful research about the company offering the ‘Work from Home’ job you intend to apply for. To evaluate their websites and social media sites and be convinced other users have a genuinely marked relationship or notable interactive history with them. Please consider the job listing a scam if there is no online information about the company or the point of contact.

Consider asking for references to ascertain the legality of the company and its job listing. You could ask for the names and contact information of customers or clients they have worked with who could verify their authenticity. The ‘Work from Home’ job would not be worth applying for if the company refuses to divulge such information.

Check if the job application email address provided by the company tallies with that of their website. Established companies have email addresses with domains that match their websites

The job description must be clear with specific roles without any ambiguity or making it attractive enough to get users’ applications.

Even though when scammers post a job description, making it sounds like a legitimate company job, they tend to misspell the email slightly or use a domain that’s similar to but different than the company’s actual domain.


5. Make no payment for the ‘Work from Home’ job offering

Internet payment using a credit card
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Internet payment using a credit card. Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash


Do not be get so impressed with the ‘Work from Home’ job offer that you make a payment or send some money to any company or individual or job contracting firm in the name of logistics or equipment or acceptance fee or in any other form to begin work with them.

It should never cost money to apply for a job. While there can be certain legitimate expenses after you have accepted a position, such as an ID card uniform fees, these are commonly deducted from your first paycheck. These also should not apply to a genuine work-from-home job.



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