5 Empowered Afghan women & girls’ groups at the risk of violence


Afghanistan women rights' denial at risk

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Violence Against Women & International Women Empowerment:



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Empowered Afghan women and girls’ groups that are at risk of rejection, prohibition and violence


Afghan women have been socially, politically, and economically empowered since 2003


Afghan women have been socially, politically, and economically empowered since 2003. A new constitution in 2003, a constitutional guarantee of equal rights for Afghan women, protected Afghan women’s rights, and, in 2009, Afghanistan adopted the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) law.

Through the constitutional guarantee of equal rights enshrined in the law, Afghan women have become socially and economically empowered, being trained, and taking part actively in the productive sectors and in government.


Statistics of different categories of empowered women facing denial of rights in Afghan revealed

Taliban group recently took over the government of Afghanistan and will impose the extreme Sharia Law that will deny the women and girls their rights to education. Statistics of different categories of socially, politically, and economically empowered and active women who will most likely face denial of rights, rejection, prohibition, violence, prejudice, or harm in Afghan are revealed:

1. 39% of the country’s 9.5 million students who are women and girls of continuing their education is now at heavy risk. Education is currently open to women and female participation has seen highs of 65 percent,

2. The women and girls who are part of the workforce will most likely withdraw or be relieved of their jobs. It is believed that roughly 22 percent of the Afghan workforce is now female.

3. It ensured that 27 percent of the 250 seats in Afghanistan’s parliament were reserved for women. Women have taken positions of power in politics, the judiciary, and the military prior to the overthrow of the Afghanistan government.

4. Women in Law Enforcement Agencies of the government are at risk of retaining their positions in the current Taliban era. There were over 4,000 women in law enforcement as of April 2021.

5. There are more than 200 female judges in Afghanistan ever since women were empowered to take up positions in power in politics and the judiciary


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