Buhari adviced to invest in education sector


School classrooms need investment in education

Buhari adviced to invest in education sector

Buhari adviced to invest in education sector: President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised by the incumbent Senator, Ben Bruce, to also face the education sector, not only towards anti-corruption. He declared this in the national assembly through Twitter on Sunday, March 31.The lawmaker further hinted that educating people closes the doors of crime.

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Buhari was adviced by the Bayelsa East senatorial representative in the National Assembly because of the poor state of education in Nigeria. He quoted, ‘Dear president, invest in education not only in anti-corruption’. He made it clear that ways-to-school shuts prison gates and prevents people from being jailed. He lamented that not even a school has been built by the Federal government yet they are fighting corruption.

The senator however pinpointed the issues of school dropouts in search of jobs and also the increased unemployment status of Nigerians. He insinuated that until the issues of dropouts are tackled by providing suitable employment, crimes such as kidnapping which is as a result of cause and effect, will continue to exist. People involve in crime not because they are bad but they are forced by poverty. So, the problem of poverty should be solved.

Senator Bruce on the hand advised Buhari to learn the pattern of education of Bayelsa State introduced by Governor Seriake Dickson. He asserted that building more schools would also go a long way in fighting corruption nationwide.

Crime can only be made less by creating employment. Unemployment-free state can bring about enjoying a crime free nation. Crime, he said, is the presence of mischief which disappears at presence of light which is employment. Training people in Education coupled with a befitting job then bring the issues of crime to the barest minimum, said Senator Bruce.

EFCC has a whooping N22billion appropriation in 2019 budget while the Auditor General’s Office has just N3billion.


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