Watch video: Christian pastor says cryptocurrency is the ‘Mark of the Beast’


A file photo of a pastor. A Christian pastor Pastor Tom Hughes said that cryptocurrency is the 'The Mark of the Beast' and warned his followers to 'know Jesus' as the 'mark of the beast' is coming.

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Watch video: Christian pastor says cryptocurrency is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and makes shocking prophecies of 2022

Watch YouTube video: Pastor Tom Hughes said that cryptocurrency is the ‘The Mark of the Beast’ and warned his followers to ‘know Jesus’ as the ‘mark of the beast’ is coming.

Watch a social media YouTube video where a Christian pastor has said that cryptocurrency is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and advised fellow Christian to avoid the investment, in one of our latest strange news blog posts.

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According to the Weird Daily Star News report under the caption: ‘’ CHRISTIAN PASTOR SAYS CRYPTOCURRENCY IS ‘MARK OF THE BEAST’, Pastor Tom Hughes shared the bizarre video on his channel ‘Hope for our times’ claiming that the Bible predicted that economies will become cashless at the end of days and nothing can be done to stop it and the Christian pastor warned his followers on YouTube about the dangers of using digital currencies as he believes they are the ‘mark of the beast.’

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Christian pastor, Pastor Tom Hughes. Image credit: Hope For Our Times/Youtube via Daily Star

In his warning, he said:  “Federal reserve details, digital dollar plans, folks that’s coming, you can’t stop it. So I hope that you know, Jesus.”

In the online video, which has gained more than 5,800 likes and 400 comments, he urged his followers to ‘know Jesus’ as he claims using digital currencies is the same as bearing the ‘mark of the beast.’

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