Cybercriminals are grooming schoolkids to help steal savings from victims’ bank account


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Cybercriminals are grooming schoolkids to help steal savings from victims’ bank account

Call them scammers, hackers, conmen, internet predators, online identity thieves, internet fraudsters, cybercriminals, or cyber crooks they all work towards achieving a common goal – get access to others’ personal data.

Cybercriminals are grooming schoolboys in Scotland to help steal savings from victims’ bank accounts in return for payment.

These fraudsters promise teens ­and schoolkids thousands of pounds in return for the use of their bank details to target people on the phone and trick them into transferring large sums of money, which the youngsters withdraw and hand over to the older conmen in return for a payment.


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A family told how a teen was promised he could earn £100,000 by internet predators based in South Glasgow. The teen was told he could earn £100,000 before needing to shut down his bank account, the family member said. The cybercriminals backed off after the family approached a prominent figure in the Asian community and asked them to intervene.

Malcolm Graham, the Deputy Chief Constable, said that they knew those faceless thieves are capable of taking any opportunity to exploit any situation to their own ­nefarious advantage.



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