4 Factors in designing at-home workout and exercise plans


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Exercise Health Benefits for Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Living



Factors to consider when designing an at-home exercise plan that works for you


High demand for at-home workout equipment for exercisers

The fastest-growing exercise and workout trends for both mental and physical fitness amongst active adults going into 2021 is at-home fitness equipment, the demand of which has gone up by 49.6%

Having an at-home online workout makes it easier to create and maintain a fun-filled exercise habit because it eliminates three big excuses: high cost; time consumption; inconvenience. It also offers high flexibility since it not only allows you to workout at your own pace apps but has featured apps designed to keep you motivated, which is an important aspect in any online learning and training.


4 Factors in designing at-home workout and exercise plans

There are 4 actors in designing an at-home exercise plan in the framework of ‘Exercise Health Benefits for Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Living’.

1. Motivation

For many exercisers, a key feature of online workouts is the motivation and inspiration from other people especially trainers and participants. In some cases, a dynamic instructor will keep you going, with little or no interaction required.

The internet-connected equipment option can deliver feedback from instructors or let you interact with other virtual participants Apps may also let you interact with other users, especially on social media but they all come comes at a cost.

2. Cost

Compare if you would prefer gym membership for workouts or online workouts and exercise apps. The costlier gym membership might cost up to $100 per month as against $20 for virtual but the gym will likely be more motivational because of the in-person interactivity.


3. Technology Devices Requirements

Most at-home online workout programs will have apps accessible on camera-featured devices like phones, tablets, or smart TV. You can just access Zoom video streaming with your workout trainer or buddy. Some apps require access to a particular device, like an Apple Watch. Consider if you can afford to have the technology devices and that you can conveniently afford the internet service plan while designing the at-home exercise plans.


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4. Gym Equipment

Many apps will have body-weight-only options or require only minimal equipment, such as dumbbells. But if you’re looking for cardio and don’t like running or biking outside, you may need to invest in a treadmill or wi-fi-connected exercise bike. And some options require access to expensive cardio machines if you want a fully connected and interactive experience.



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