Frontline Educational Management System for Schools Administration


Frontline Education Management System for Schools Administration
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3 Frontline Educational Management System (FEMS) for Schools Administration
Frontline Educational Management System for Schools Administration. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


School & Information Education:

Frontline Educational Management System (FEMS) for Schools Administration


Frontline Education Human Resources Management System (Frontline Education HRMS)

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
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Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Image credit:

Frontline Education Job

Frontline Education (FE) drives its Frontline Education job opportunities through its Human Resources Department.

An educational technology solution, known as the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) software,  is a program management tool that facilitates the roles and functions of its Human Resources (HR). Through its Human Resources (HR), FE helps recruit and onboard the best brains and well-talented educators, teachers, and other educational professionals into the school. This function is referred to as talent management.

The Frontline Education Human Resources (HR) Technology Enterprise proactively engages with job-seekers and hires the best job applicants through its Recruitment and Employment software.

FE Human Resources software helps a school recruit the right people; keep the right people at the right place at the right time for achieving results. The employees are guided to be devoted to the school work doing what’s right all the time.

Through its Absence & Time, the education technology ‘shop’ proactively manages employee absences, substitutes, time, and attendance in K-12 schools — all in one system software solution.

Again, successful remote implementation of human resources products and services is achievable with its amazing Frontline Central and Recruitment and Employment.

Frontline Education Job Training

Job training in Frontline Education is a way of engaging the educators and teachers efficiently in their job roles and bringing out the best of an employee’s potentials and talents in order to excel in the organization or school.

The educational technology provider assists K-12 schools in in-person and online job training to prepare their substitutes for the classroom. Teachers and Educators Professional Growth and Development become easier to achieve when there is Frontline Educational Technology (FET) job training.


Frontline Education Insights Platform

Insights Platform
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Management System Insights Platform. Image credit:


Having realized that schools need systems to work together even when they are made by different development partners, Frontline Education gets committed to working together with other vendors to provide school leaders with the connected systems and data their schools deserve – a welcome business intelligent move.


Frontline Educational Asset and Time Management System (ATMS)

Employee Absence and Time Management System (ATMS)
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Employees Absence and Time Management System (ATMS). Image credit:


Frontline Educational Asset and Time Management System (ATMS) engages in employee absences, substitutes, and time and attendance management— all in one software application system (FET Asset and Time management mobile app)

FE not only helps schools manage absences and employees’ time but also finds the right substitutes for absenteeism.

Through its Time and Attendance System, your school recovers time and cut labour costs in compliance with the laws and policies through the application software (the Frontline Education Technology Absence & Time Mobile App). This it achieves by gaining knowledge of your employees’ job engagement at every moment. Gone are the days when a school administrator manages employee’s attendance and commitment to work through calling substitutes and chasing down timesheets.

The eleventh-hour vacant absences leave everyone scrambling for substitutes aimlessly and this takes a toll on student learning when it happens. Educators and learners deserve better in the 21st-century education system.

K-12 school administers who have not employed educational technology solutions in the running of the school suffer from the ‘’oppression of the unmasked urgency’’ that distracts you from concentrating on educators and students’ management.

A teacher’s classroom should be dynamic and characterized by changes with respect to delivering robust and seamless instruction.


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Why create an account with Frontline Education?


Frontline Educational Finance and Payroll Management System (FPMS)

Finance and Payroll Management System (FPMS)
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Finance and Payroll Management System (FPMS). Image credit:


Frontline Educational Finance and Payroll Management System (FPMS) increases a school’s compliance to existing and ensure accurate payroll.

Many schools might want to manage the payroll system but haven’t gotten any headway. Securing a school or business employee time and attendance with Frontline Education Absence Management System is a proactive step to managing a payroll system and building a robust education structure. Manually calculating payroll takes the place of big-picture thinking — and often results in mistakes.

Excessive employee absences, payroll errors, and overtime can drain a school’s budget.


Frontline Educational Absence and Substitute Management System (ASMS)

Absence and Substitute Management System (ASMS)
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Absence and Substitute Management System (ASMS). Photo credit: People Creations


Automating your school’s progress benchmark against other schools in your locality in real-time technology solution can be achieved through Frontline Education Technology Absence and Substitute Management System.

Frontline Education Absence and Substitute Management System (ASMS) helps a school leader reclaim the school’s time, ensure that student learning continues, and get the data needed to make strategic decisions.

So, school administrators can rest easy knowing that the right educators and staff are in place and that the school complies with the established state laws and policies.


Frontline Educational Employees (Educators and Teachers) Professional Growth and Development Management System (EPGDMS)

Employees (Educators and Teachers) Professional Growth and Development Management System (EPGDMS)
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Employees (Educators and Teachers) Professional Growth and Development Management System (EPGDMS). Photo credit: Awesome Content


Frontline Educational Employees Professional Growth and Development Management System, in support of virtual teaching, fosters 3-point strategic capability: Professional learning, Collaboration, and Performance evaluations, assessments, and appraisals.


Professional Learning Management System (PLMS)

With Frontline Educational Professional Learning Management System (PLMS), the distinctive professional growth and development needs of teachers and educators are addressed for the provision of learning opportunities – in-school and out-school in-traditional person job training, workshops, seminars, and conferences, distance learning, and more.

They are also enhanced through Frontline Education Technology automated Absence and Substitutes and Time Management for approved out-of-classroom professional development absences.


Collaboration Management System (CMS)

Frontline Educational Collaboration Management System (CMS) uses its application software portal to offer partnerships with or manage every component of the teacher evaluation process, including self-reflection and goal-setting, in-class observations, student learning objectives, and growth data — so you can focus on having meaningful discussions about work practice.

Giving concrete report feedback to teachers during collaborative observations gives them the opportunity to internalize that feedback and make it part of their classroom instructional repertoire, aimed at impacting student learning and academic success.


Professional Learning and Collaboration Resources

Frontline Educational Technology equips teachers with becoming members of online group platforms to participate in sharing resources, ideas, and feedback, and engage in collaborative discussions (online collaboration).

With the aim of becoming competency-based professional learners with micro-credentials, educators access to a diverse array of professional development in one place including, books, courses, and micro-credentials and online and recorded videos – videos from Education Training Service (ETS), including the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) videos and custom offerings from your school’s locality.


Frontline Education Employees Performance Evaluation Management System (EPEMS)

Employees Performance Evaluation Management System (EPEMS)
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Employees Performance Evaluation Management System (EPEMS). Photo credit: People Creations


Teachers, educators, and other employees’ performance evaluation management system as part of EPEMS can conduct transparent, defendable, growth-focused evaluations, and link results to professional learning plans and goals using streamlined Employees Evaluation Management application software.


Frontline Educational Data Information Management System (DIMS)

Data Information Management System (DIMS)
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Data Information Management System (DIMS). Photo credit: Authentic photos


With Frontline Education Data Information Management System (DIMS) mobile app in place, new recruits and employees are able to complete their paperwork online as the school manages the employee records (maintaining teachers’ and educators’ information from credentials to policy acknowledgments) and schools handle automated contract renewals.

As you already know, school districts are responsible for collecting and reporting on a monumental amount of information. Everything from hiring and retirement data, to where funding is coming from, to if the money is being allocated and spent appropriately


Frontline Educational Student Information Management System (SIMS)

Student Information Management System (SIMS)
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Student Information Management System (SIMS). Photo credit: People Creations


Frontline Educational Student Information System (SIS) rapidly coordinates courses, staff, and students with solution tools built for K-12 programs.

Frontline’s student information system was built by a family of educators focused on the needs of K-12 schools. Digital student information (like attendance, grades, behaviour, and health data) alone keeps classrooms in compliance.

Connecting FE SIS with HR, Finance, and Payroll information equip administrators with comprehensive year over year data from enrolment and funding to scheduling and the overall effects on your payroll and budget – all at a glance!


Features of Frontline Education Student Information Management System

FE Student Information Management System (SIMS) Software program helps school administrators with informed decision-making tools to manage the students’ experiences confidently.

Frontline Educational Students Information Management System also manages a school’s administrator notifications, special programs workflows, and tracking and reporting disciplinary incidence.

It also manages students’ health and medical information in a comprehensive health log and student/parent portal wherein parents can view health and medical, attendance, grades, discipline, schedules, and more. Parents can process payment for student fees directly through the portal.

FET SIMS enhances accuracy, security, and compliance by managing all student information in a single database through:


Scheduling/Pathways Management System (S/PMS)

Scheduling/Pathways Management System, featuring the Master Schedule Builder, handles staff and program-based schedules requests or conflicts with the Master Schedule Builder and automates placements career/endorsement pathways plan.


Enrolment/Registration Management System (E/RMS)

Enrolment/Registration Management System puts up and updates enrolment/registration forms and endorsements – personal details, document acknowledgment, secrecy form, code of conduct, and more for online completion.

E/RMS also uploads important forms and documents (birth certificates, passport photos, medical history, etc.) online and relates them directly with student records, ensuring compliance for any special program enrolment requirements.


Classroom Operations Management System (OPM)

Classroom Operations Management System manages students’ information management and classroom operations and activities for fulfilling students’ experience.


Fees Management System (FMS)

With an ERP integration program, process payment for all student-related fees (clubs, library, etc.) becomes easy and seamless. FE FMS unlocks real-time student finance data and how it impacts the overall budget of the school.


Frontline Educational Special Education Management System (SEMS)

Special Education Management System (SEMS)
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Special Education Management System (SEMS). Photo credit: Creative Art


Building a continuum of services and having all the information in one hub with FE Special Education Management System (SEMS) will enable teachers and school administrators to witness the progress of the students with special needs and education.


Features of FE Special Education Management System (SEMS)

Frontline Education Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Special Education Management (SEM) create quality and actionable IEPs to meeting each milestone and compliance deadline of the special education process, surely securing collaboration with general education, external providers, and parents.


RTI/MTSS Program Management System

RTI/MTSS Program Management System aid K-12 administrators make data-based decisions to rapidly respond to students’ needs and to track intervention efficacy. School RTI/MTSS keeps everyone on the same page.


504 Program Management

Individualized and compliant 504 Program Management Plans can help simplify case management and improve staff accountability in a managed K-12 school, get comprehensive reports to help make data-backed decisions more easily and spend less time transitioning a student from an IEP to 504.


Medicaid Tracking and Claim Management (MTCM)

Medicaid Tracking and Claim Management (MTCM) helps providers accurately track encounters and eliminate duplicate data entry, efficiently manage claims submission and reconciliation; automatically verify that claims are aligned with IEP mandates; set appropriate, realistic goals for allowable reimbursement and easily identify incomplete documentation that would prevent or delay Medicaid claims.


Gifted and Talented Program Management

Simplify instructional planning for gifted and talented students. Collect and track nominations and selections for your program; Create personalized education plans; Manage your program with workflows, dashboards, and configurable forms and easily track student progress toward goals with data from multiple sources


Frontline Educational School Health Management System (SHMS)

School Health Management System (SHMS)
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School Health Management System (SHMS). Photo credit: Awesome Content


With FE School Health Management System (SHMS), better care is delivered to students more efficiently. It simplifies school health care management by automating it in one single platform – Frontline Education SHMS Software Program, ensuring compliance with state and federal physical and health standards through easily but comprehensive reporting.

More than ever, the physical and mental health needs of your students and staff are essential. With Frontline Education School Health Management, administrators can manage the daily demands of the nurse’s office, like managing office visits, medication, immunizations, and screenings, as well as mental and behavioural health needs for students. And now, with new functionality and reporting designed to manage COVID-19-related health data, Frontline School Health Management is your one and done technology solution tool for every school health and wellness need.



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