The 4 ‘’superior global mental ability’’ that makes your kids outstanding


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4 ways to know how mentally able your kid is


In our last three related blogs on ‘Children’s Mental Health Education for Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness Living’, we discussed ‘The 7 COVID-19 mental health impacts on school children; ‘5 ways kids can perform well on mental and academic tests‘ and ‘3 effects of increased recreational screen time on kids ‘, but in this blog, we shall disclose the ways a parent can know what your child is capable of doing mentally.


Children’s sound mental and physical health makes them have high cognitive ability and function

Sound mental and physical health is an indicator that your children’s development would be without defects throughout their childhood stages.

Being mentally and physically healthy helps children maintain high academic (cognitive) performance; develop emotional wellbeing and social skills.

Being consistent with the reports on several studies on conditions for facilitating high children’s mental ability, Jean-Philippe Chaput, Ph.D., of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute asserted that kids who have better cognitive function may succeed better in their life than their counterparts.


The 4 ‘’superior global mental ability’’ that make your kids outstanding

Your kids need to showcase convincing cognitive functions in order to ascertain their mental ability and how well they will perform in a mental or academic test. There are ways you can access or test your kids’ mental ability and how to enhance it if is short of expectation.

The 4 ‘’superior global mental cognition’’ that makes your child mentally able and outstanding compared to other children are:

1. Ease of retention and memorization of items

2. Ability to pay attention (attentiveness)

3. High processing speed

4. Efficient use of spoken language


How to enhance your kids’ mental (cognitive) ability and academic performance

Children perform better on mental and academic tests when they limit their screen time to less than two hours per day, eat right, sleep well, and stay physically active.

Other identified ways of improving a child’s mental ability include increasing concentration level can be improved by indulging in a few simple activities, taking music lessons, controlling, caring and supporting, meditation, keeping communication, and making the child learn and play actively.



This blog content on ‘Healthy Lifestyles and Wellness Living: The 4 ‘’superior global mental ability’’ that make your kids outstanding so that you can know mentally able they are’ is categorized under Children’s Mental Health Education.

Our Children’s Mental Health Education System is about creating and delivering impacting, and empowering problem-solving information towards enhancing the good and sustainable mental health and ability in the children to our amiable readers for a sustainable future – Eduonwheels.

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