Government workers to resume Biometric Machine Attendance in offices.


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Government Employees | Biometric Machine Attendance in India

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Government worker to resume Biometric Machine Attendance in offices.

Indian Ministry of Personnel resumes Biometric attendance for employees of all levels in government offices

The Indian Ministry of Personnel has announced the resumption of Biometric attendance for employees of all levels in government offices will resume from Monday, November 8, resulting in employees getting directed to keep to a host of preventive measures while marking their attendance, including sanitizing their hands before and after the process, and maintaining a distance of six feet while undertaking the exercise, according to a media report.

The Biometric attendance was discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Union Ministry also said that it shall be the responsibility of heads of department to ensure that sanitizers are mandatorily placed beside biometric machines and ensure compliance with all employees sanitizing their hands before and after marking the biometric attendance.

The Ministry of Personnel, through its Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), on November 1 directed that Biometric attendance in government offices will resume from Monday, after being discontinued due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

All government employees must observe physical distancing, use hand sanitizers and wear face masks while doing the biometric attendance

In an order to all central government ministries and departments, the Personnel Ministry said, “Physical distancing of six feet must be maintained by all employees while marking their attendance. If required, additional biometric attendance machines may be installed to avoid overcrowding.” All employees shall be required to wear masks or face covers at all times, including while waiting to mark their attendance, it added.

Additionally, employees are required to wear a face mask at all times, including when registering for attendance. You should also have dedicated personnel near the biometric system to frequently clean or wipe the scanner’s touch panel or scanner area.

the Personnel Ministry said that all employees should wear masks or face covers at all times even while waiting for their turn to mark the attendance with the biometric machine and that all officers and staff should strictly follow COVID-appropriate behaviour at all times in offices.

“Meetings, as far as possible, shall continue to be conducted on video conferencing and personal meetings with visitors, unless necessary in the public interest, are to be avoided,” the order stated.

The memorandum additionally called for natural ventilation to be maintained, also guiding offices to undertake orientation of employees on various precautionary measures to be observed.

The Department order suspended the biometric validation attendance since June 14

This fresh DoPT order overrides a department order from June 14, which continued deferment of the biometric system. Under the previous order, as reported by the Hindustantimes it issued instructions to regulate the attendance of the central government employees with reduced staff, staggered timings, and exemption to certain categories of employees from attending offices.

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