Hackers are trying to overthrow an European president


Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, Europe

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Hackers are trying to overthrow a sitting European president

Belarusian hackers are trying to overthrow the Alexander Lukashenko regime

A group of hackers, known as Belarus Cyber Partisans has infiltrated almost every part of the country’s authoritarian government in a bid to overthrow the Lukashenko regime, according to MIT’s Technology Review and Bloomberg.
The activist hackers in Belarus, Europe, which told the publications that it’s made up of 15 Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity experts working in the country’s tech sector,.have been leaking information they found on sensitive police and government networks
They have published the information they get on Telegram, where they have 77,000 subscribers. as well as begun defacing government websites in order to actualize their plot.
Their actions are a follow-up to September 2020 protest since the country’s disputed election, in which Alexander Lukashenko’s win was widely considered fraudulent.



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