Havana Syndrome: Origin, Symptoms, Causes, Effects, Prevention, and Treatment


Havana Syndrome comes with certain symptoms and damaging effects

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Origin of Havana Syndrome

It originated from Havana in Cuba in March 2017. Tina Onufer, one of the first-ever recorded sufferers said she was struck by a sudden pain. while serving as a foreign service officer in Cuba. ‘’It was as if I had been seized by some invisible hand and I couldn’t move,” she told NBC News.

NBC News first reported in 2018 that American intelligence officials suspected Russia was behind the phenomenon, which some believed were intentional attacks using microwave energy, even though that hasn’t been proven yet.

Tina Onufer and two of her former colleagues in Havana, a married couple named Kate Husband and Doug Ferguson also suffered from the disease.

Sign and Symptoms

Some Russian literature indicated that pulsed microwave energy can cause some of these symptoms and signs and brain injury linked to Havana Syndrome include:

 – Severe pains

 – Seizure by some invisible hand and inability to move your hands

– The victim can suffer from balance issues that lead to nausea, and a fogginess that makes basic tasks difficult.

– Victims can also suffer from poor mental or cognitive ability and probably affected mental processing ability.


Intelligence officials say they have not gathered enough information to say with any confidence what is causing the injuries or who is to blame but there is a belief from other sources that injuries have been caused by some sort of subtle directed energy which may have begun as a method of collecting intelligence that has now been weaponized, based on their own analysis of the evidence.

A 2018 State Department report by the JASON advisory group, an elite scientific board, suggested that some of the original cases were caused by sounds made by a loud species of crickets.

It may also have been caused by possible directed, pulsed radio-frequency energy.

The victims before feeling severe pains and migraines, and other body damage symptoms, must have experienced was something that was an annoying sound at night for a prolonged and persistent period, up to weeks.

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While it is now subject to baseline testing, the effect of the Havana Syndrome includes:

 – Seizure by some invisible hand and inability to move your hands

– Acquisition of brain injury or damage related to a directional phenomenon exposure.

 – Victims of Havana Syndrome appear to have apparently experienced it differently

– Mental ill-health associated with anxiety and depressions

– Lack of focus

Prevention and Control

While United States President Joe Biden signed the Havana Act, improved access to medical care for Havana Syndrome, it would be proper to avoid exposure to any form of energy radiation. This may be a way to prevent and control infectious diseases.

Watch video: Victims of Havana Syndrome speak out about their health challenges

Treatment of Havana Syndrome

According to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, affected individuals have lighter-coloured tissue than healthy individuals (which contain bundles of myelinated nerve fibers). These findings support the theory that Havana syndrome is a disorder that represents a non-specific and unpredictable change in brain structure and activity.

Alternative medicine modalities such as art therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, and acupuncture manage the disease. The results of a rehabilitation program that uses exercises that target specific neurological functions and are delivered in 1-hour sessions have been partially successful, but more research is needed. Each session includes sessions of cognitive training, balance training, and orthoptic exercises, including complex repetitive movements of the upper and lower limbs and balance exercises.

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