How Often To Do Cardio Exercises At A Home Workout


Exercise Health Benefits: A woman doing cardio exercises in a home workout using dumbbells

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Exercise Health Benefits: How Often To Do Cardio Exercises During A Home Workout


The key benefits of cardio (cardiorespiratory) exercises in the concept of exercise health benefits include aerobic fitness improvement, burning of calories that can build strength, among other things. The 3 best cardio exercises to do during a home workout are running exercise, bodyweight exercises, and body movements that require some light equipment like jump rope, kettlebell, and set of dumbbells.

The big question is: How often should you do cardio exercises during a home workout? Taking a cumulative score of the health benefits cardio has to offer, both the American Heart Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend performing 150 minutes of moderate-strength aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-strength aerobic activity, or a combo of both in a week.

This is having like 40 minutes of moderate-strength aerobic cardio exercises per day on average.

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