3 Foods That Causes Poor Decision-Making


There are Foods that can cause us poor decision-making ability

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Healthy lifestyles and living: 3 Foods That Cause Poor Decision-Making


Poor decision-making can be a symptom of a poor diet in healthy lifestyles and wellness living.

The food you eat might be the reason why you have brain fog, are cloudy in mind, dull, and feel confused. Brain fog can be a symptom of a poor diet and when it happens, your thoughts and judgment are beclouded and you find yourself making wrong decisions.

Here are three surprising foods that can cause brain fog leading to clouding your judgment and poor decision-making

1. Deli meat


Deli sliced meat: Turkey ham, sliced, extra lean, prepackaged
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Deli sliced meat: Turkey ham, sliced, extra lean, prepackaged. Photo credit: eatthismuch.com


Deli meat is one of the 3 foods that can cause you to lose control in making a correct decision.

Meat picked up at deli counters, such as ham, turkey, roast beef, and bacon-filled with additives, preservatives and dyes can cause an increased risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, unlike their roasted or grilled counterparts. You can preferably go for meats made without antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial ingredients, or chemical nitrites.


2. Store-bought treats


Store-bought treats
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Store-bought treats – dark chocolate, crunchy cookies, chocolate bars, strawberry minis, crispy chips, and other snacks. Photo credit: delightfuladventures.com


Another food that results in brain fog and consequent loss of control of good decision-making is store-bought treats. Store-bought treats reportedly have a profound negative impact on our health and wellness. Eating dark chocolate, which contains compounds that may increase blood flow to the brain, is a better way to satisfy your sweet tooth, but develop brain fog that beclouds your thinking ability.


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3. Chemical pesticides-aided organic produce

Chemical pesticides are consistently applied in agricultural production widely nowadays. However, organic produce, which is grown without the aid of chemical pesticides, has more brain-boosting antioxidants than their regular counterparts, lessening the risk of developing certain neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s.  Maintaining healthy lifestyles and wellness living reduces the disease effect.  Chemical pesticide-aided food produce completes our number of three foods that lead to poor thinking and decision-making.



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