How and why Dubai is producing its artificial rain


Dubai in UAE created artificial rain to curtail heatwave and provide sufficient rain in the middle east


How and why Dubai is producing its artificial rain


How Dubai is creating fake rain


The artificial rain is created using drone technology that shoots electrical charges into clouds in order for them to clump together and from precipitation.

The cloud seeding operations work through manned aircraft firing chemicals such as silver iodide into the clouds in order to cause increased precipitation.


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Why UAE is producing artificial rain


For just having clouds to create conditions conducive to rain, UAE’s cloud-seeding operations are part of an ongoing mission to generate precipitation in the Middle East country, which has an average rainfall of just four inches.

UAE’s National Center of Meteorology, the precipitation was enhanced by cloud-seeding operations to increase rainfall in the Gulf country.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in the height of a summer heatwave which has seen temperatures regularly reaching 44oC.


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