How the new ‘friendly’ COVID-19 test for children works


Coronavirus testing in children
Coronavirus testing in children. A newly friendly and comfortable COVID-19 test for children has been launched in Canada. Image credit:

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How the new ‘friendly’ COVID-19 test for children works

The gargle test gives similar result as using the use of nasal swab must not be administered by a healthcare professional


A new coronavirus test method for children has newly been launched in Canada. Canadian province of British Columbia launched a new ‘very friendly’ COVID-19 test –  a new gargle method for children and students ages 4 to 19, according to a media report.

How does the new comfortable and ‘very friendly’ coronavirus test for children work?

The B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) said the new test, which is just as accurate as tests using a nasal swab and is much easier to administer for children, works with a saline gargle.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, the B.C.’s Centre for Disease Control explained that the sample is easily collected by from the children and younger people by using a little of the new saline gargle (normal saline), so sterile water. The saline gargle is put in the child’s mouth and the child swishes it round his or her mouth a little bit and then spit out into a small tube.



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Most children in British Columbia province of Canada and elsewhere can now bid those icky swabs and uncomfortable Covid-19 tests goodbye for good.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer of B.C. Centre for Disease Control said that it was one of the first of its kind around the world.

While the sample will still have to be taken to a lab for processing the test does not have to be administered by a healthcare professional.

B.C. public health officials said that they compared test results in both children and adults and found the rate of COVID-19 detection was very similar between the nasal swab and the new gargle test.

The B.C. is prioritizing children and younger people for the new test but hopes to expand to adults in the coming weeks.

The announcement comes at a time when testing is in high demand globally.

Canada has seen a doubling of new daily cases in the last month. And while experts are still looking into the role children play in COVID-19 transmission, a recent report suggests they can — and do — spread the virus, even when they have mild or no symptoms.


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