How to edit YouTube videos on Windows PCs faster for free


YouTube videos can be edited for free faster with an application software tool using a personal computer (PC (laptop). Image by cottonbro from Pexels

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How to edit YouTube videos faster on Windows personal computers (PCs) for free




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How to use Wondershare Filmra9 and Windows Movie Maker video editing software tool on laptops for beginners and professionals

Steps on how to edit YouTube videos on PCs faster using Wondershare Filmra9 editor

Regardless of the editing application software tool, a beginner or professional has employed whether they among the top 5 most popular YouTube video-editor application software for personal computers (laptops) or not, the following steps outlined below will make it is easy and faster for users to edit YouTube videos on PCs and export your completed work.

The basic steps to having a fruitful YouTube video-editing using Wondershare Filmra9 video editor for beginners and professionals are as follows:

1. Combine your split video clips

– Download a version of Wondershare Filmra9. Click here to download

– Take your footage shots (each shot taken is a separate file which combines with other shots to make the video) or get videos that are not yours

– Cut the shots into parts and then move them to the desired position. You can just delete the unnecessary part. The Quick Trim feature preview in the Wondershare Filmra9, which supports all popular video and photo formats, allows you to choose any part of the video quickly.

– Combine the individual footage shots into a single video by placing all video clips in the track in order to form the timeline view.

– Move the shots around, cut, trim, or shorten them as desired.

– Add transitions between shots so that your final product may have a professional look.

2. Crop, Rotate, Pan & Zoom

Crop and rotate the video at any angle or direction and change the scale of the footage shots and use the Pan & Zoom feature to focus the parts of the frame for viewers if necessary

3. Add texts, music, and other effects

Add texts, music and other special effects you may want to see in the video. The software program guides a user on how to add special effects.

4. Save and export

Choose the file format for saving your video then you export it. YouTube conveniently accepts major file formats and these include MP4, AVI, or WMA.

Wondershare Filmra9 will also allow you to upload videos to the YouTube platform directly since it will suitably choose the best format and frame rate or codec for the video.

Users are also urged to use the right widescreen format and also render their files in either 1080i or 720p high definition (HD) for a clearer view.


How to edit YouTube videos on PCs using Windows Movie Maker video-editor software tool for beginners and professionals

Are you wondering how to edit a YouTube video on Windows and haven’t found a reliable solution as a beginner or professional? With this one of the best YouTube movie makers – Windows Movie Maker downloaded freely on your personal computer (laptop), you can edit YouTube videos faster and then upload it to YouTube directly.

Free Window Movie Maker accepts a wide range of file formats at importing: .WMV/.ASF, .MPG (MPEG-1), .AVI (DV-AVI), .WMA, .WAV, and .MP3, .MP4/3GP, .FLV and .MOV, and .AAC for Windows 7 (32 bits and 64 bits), 8 and 10.

Any videos that cannot be imported in Windows Movie Maker need to be converter first or a video editor like Windowshare Filmora9 video editor which supports almost all popular formats that can be used.

Steps on how to edit YouTube videos on a personal computer (PCs) using free Windows Movie Maker

The step-by-step method of how a beginner or professional can edit a YouTube video in Windows Movie Maker using personal computers (laptops)

Step 1: Import Video files into Windows Movie Maker

To import video or photo into Windows Movie Maker,

– Download the Windows Movie Maker application from a trusted website. Click here to download

-, Click on the button ‘Add Videos’ or ‘Photos’ located at the top of the program to open a file window

–  Select the videos from any area of your computer

– Click ‘OK’ to import the files to the storyboard in the right-hand panel.

You can also choose to record a webcam on your windows 10 or windows 7 computer and use it as the material.

Step 2: Split and Combine videos in Windows Movie Maker

To Split and combine videos when editing a video for YouTube in Windows Movie Maker so as to have the video clips in one place:

– Preview the video clips in preview box frame by frame using the ‘Preview Frame’

– Trim or to remove unwanted parts from the video if necessary

– Split or cut the video into several smaller parts and combine the split videos clips into a whole one

– Locate the start frame you intend to remove in the storyboard and click the ‘Split’ button to get the starting point of the split segment, and then locate the end frame you intend removing and click ‘Split’ again.

– Right-click the split video clip you intend to remove and select ‘Remove’ from the context menu to remove.

Step 3: Apply Transitions and Visual Effects on YouTube Video

– Select the clip to add a transition to the video

– Click on the ‘Animations’ button at the top of Windows Movie Maker to open a menu

– Select the clip to apply video effects to

– Click on the ‘Video Effects’ button at the top of Windows Movie Maker to open a menu

Step 4: Edit/Mute Audio or Add New Audio Sound in Video

– Double click the video clip to enter the Edit panel

– Click on the Video Volume button

– Drag the volume slider to the left end to mute

Muting all the video clips require selecting the clips and muting them one by one

– Click the ‘Add music’ button and select the music to import it. You can add music from your computer or find new music sound from AudioMicro, Vimeo, or any free music archive online.

Click the ‘Record’ narration button in the Home tab to record narrations for your YouTube video in Windows Movie Maker.

– Click the ‘Option’ tab in the Music Tools tab to control the volume of the music and other options about the music.

Step 5: Add Title and Text to Video for YouTube

To select and add text to video;

– Click on Title to add text before the video begins; select Caption to write text to the video frames, and click Credits to add end credits to the end of the video.

– Enter text and edit the text effects. You can also change the text duration and apply text visual effects, and change the text outline size and more.

See How to Add Text in Windows Movie Maker

Step 6: Save and Publish

To save the video file,

– Click the edited video file and select where you want to save the file and the file type. You can also save the video on a personal computer (laptop) with different formats, resolutions, or burn to DVD. Windows Movie Maker also allows you to save the Video for Email or for mobile devices.

To publish the saved video file,

– Click on Publish Movie

Since you are editing videos for YouTube as a beginner or professional, choose YouTube to upload the edited video to YouTube.


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