How to set rules for toddlers, preschoolers and nursery kids


Parent setting rules for a child

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How to set rules for toddlers, pre-schoolers and nursery kids | Positive attitude and behaviour-modelling rules for toddlers, preschoolers, nursery and primary school kids

Setting rules for toddlers, preschoolers, and nursery & primary school kids involves setting 2 or 3 new rules at a time; applying the set rules consistently and setting more new rules after the internalization of the previous set of rules in order to model positive attitude and behaviour in them.

Many parents nowadays have to combine work life with taking care of their kids and still live their normal personal and social life. It is quite demanding for a parent to give her kids perfect training all by herself and still maintain her pre-kid lifestyle.

Strategic care-giving and enhanced method of teaching and training kids are becoming necessary in order to cope with life situations in our present age. To make home care and even schooling easy as well as model positive attitude and behaviour to life, parents need to set rules for their toddlers, pre-schoolers & nursery or kindergarten Kids.

1.) Set 2 or 3 new rules at a time

Teach toddlers, preschoolers & nursery or kindergarten Kids 2 rules or maximum of 3 rules at a time. Younger children like toddlers, preschoolers and nursery & primary school kids will most likely have trouble learning more than 2 or 3 rules at a time based on the principle of psychology in child education & development. Rules for such category of learners at home and in school should be safety rules, harm-preventing rules and polite-behavioural rules.

2.) Apply the set rules consistently

Teach and monitor them practice the rules consistently until it becomes part of their lives. If dutifully done, the kids can get used to practicing the rules after 2 week of learning but it can take longer for some children depending on their ability and method of teaching. Method of teaching a child is an important factor of how fast and better the child learns.

3.) Set more new 2 or 3 rules

The parents as a matter of consistency, set more new rules when the child shows he can practice the first set of rules. Practicing or applying the rules in play, interactions and engagements the is a reflects that they have an understanding of the rules.

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