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You can’t wait to learn how to use a Sonicare Diamondclean Smart Electric toothbrush 9100

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Despite how perfect brusher you think you are even as a dentist, The Sonicare Diamondclean Smart Electric toothbrush 9100 is linked to an app to guide the user on how to brush properly and you should be keen to give it a go.

Interestingly enough, despite thinking I was the perfect brusher (I am a dentist after all!) the app was telling me otherwise. Too much pressure here and not the right angle there – there would be a lesson there to take.

Time to use an electric toothbrush with or without your dentist

It is time you look after your teeth using the electric toothbrush with or without your dentist. There has to be a high number of patients who delay visits to dentists/hygienists because they know they are not looking after their teeth. They fear that they might be told off or made to feel embarrassed. It does not have to be like this.

Get Sonicare app

For convenience, nowadays everyone is accustomed to the fact that a phone is always at hand, including in the bathroom. So having patients use the Philips app and connect it to their toothbrushes is a real walk in the park.  The simplicity of the device means it can be easily understood by any patient. Be it children, teenagers, or grandparents. The Sonicare app reflects what the dentist is saying in the dental chair. The only difference is that he can talk to the patient every day (and he can hear my voice in his ear when I’m away). This is really powerful for me.

 When consulting, patients do not always internalize what we tell them. But at home, there is no pressure in the bathroom. They also get immediate feedback on what they do. You can then gradually improve your brushing skills. The patient does not need to wait for the next appointment to receive this reinforcement.

Sonicare improves treatment outcomes

Another benefit of using Sonicare, in my opinion, is that it relates to patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Whether patients receive Invisalign or braces, it is very important that their teeth and gums are intact. If you have tartar or calculus, friction can slow healing because your teeth don’t move quickly. Generating significantly more vibrations per second than any other toothbrush, the

 Sonicare reduces the chance of plaque formation. I know it can promise improved gum health when combined with his attachment.

 Because I primarily provide Invisalign treatment, many patients receive weekly virtual consultations. Here I emphasize once again the importance of clean teeth.

 However, even in more traditional correctional settings, patients come to the hospital about every six weeks. This is where you don’t want to have oral hygiene issues that could affect or delay your treatment plan. This gives you the opportunity to regularly emphasize the need for the perfect toothbrush.

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