How to ‘Connect with God’ on Facebook Church


'Connect with God' on Facebook Church

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Finally! We now have Facebook Church to ‘Connect with God’. See what is it like


 Facebook wants its users to ‘Connect with God’ on Facebook Church


Connecting with God
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Connecting with God in a church service. Now, we ‘Connect with God’ on Facebook Church. Photo credit:


Before now Facebook users can connect with people – friends, relatives, and others, even with members of Facebook groups and communities (like Facebook Marketplace) and access individual and business pages on Facebook but there is yet no platform to connect with God.

While the coronavirus pandemic pushed religious and faith groups to explore new ways to operate, Facebook took a greater strategic opportunity to draw highly engaged users onto its platform. One of the propositions of Facebook executives and explorations of Facebook developers in the COVID-19 pandemic era was how to build an online church so that its users can ‘Connect with God’ for the primary goal to share the message of Jesus towards making disciples of all nations. Finally! We now have Facebook Church. Now, Facebook wants its users to ‘Connect with God’ on Facebook Church after a breakthrough in the development project.


How the users can ‘Connect with God’ on Facebook Church globally


Finally, we now have Facebook Church! What is it like? How will the social media giant, Facebook, which recently passed $1 trillion in market capitalization become the virtual home for the religious communities, wants churches, mosques, synagogues, and others to embed their religious life into its platform engage the users to ‘Connect with God’?

As an online resource hub with tools to build congregations on the platform, millions, if not billions of religious faithful can participate in online religious and faith-building activities – hosting worship services, audio and prayer sharing, daily devotional Bible verses and religious socializing, soliciting money and more strongly in building the religious community up.

The church will likely feature subscriptions to exclusive spiritual content from church leaders and worshippers watching services online to send donations in real-time.

Facebook, collaboratively stepping into this role of philosophical and moral significance, will reach a wider community compared to each of Christianity or Islam. The Big Tech Silicon Valley Company has nearly 3 billion active monthly users, which outnumbers the Christians globally, of about 2.3 billion adherents, or Islam, which has 1.8 billion.

Facebook Church app and new products for financial giving, video capability, or live-streaming of church service that might feature faith-based denominations like Hillsong, the Assemblies of God and. The Church of God in Christ, Life Church Presbyterian Church, Potter’s House, Faithlife Catholic Media Company, among others.


You can learn how to connect and engage with people viewing your church online for free.


Learn how to connect and engage with people on online church
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Learn how to connect and engage with people on an online church. Image credit:


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How Facebook Church will benefit users


Our hope of having a day when people will host religious services in virtual reality spaces as well or use augmented reality as an educational tool to teach their children the story of their faith is finally coming to fruition.

The world’s largest and arguably the most dominant social media company is about shaping the future of religious experience itself, as it has done for business, political and social life through online church services.


 How data privacy will be handled on Facebook Church


How Facebook with deal with Facebook Church data privacy issues
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How Facebook will handle Facebook Church data privacy issues. Photo credit:


Facebook had responded that data collected from religious communities would be handled the same way as that of other users and that nondisclosure agreements were standard processes for all partners involved in product development following concerns over how the issue of data privacy and intimacy would be handled. since the potential for Facebook to gather valuable user information of worshippers’ communities with different religious ideologies and goals increasingly abounds.

Facebook’s outreach was the first time a major technology company wanted to collaborate on a faith development project.



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