How the UK is losing her future economic power


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How the UK is losing her future economic power

1 Trending topic that will cause UK loss of its future economic power

The widening STEM-related digital skills gap trending in the ICT world today threatens to hold the UK economy back and cause it to lose its future economic power – a consequence all UK citizens will suffer.

According to the report of a study by an independent policy and development organization, Learning and Work Institute, published in March 2021.

Even though the post-COVID-19 pandemic promises a wealth of opportunities in the digital economy, the experience has fast-tracked work and skills acquisition trends in the way we work in our changing world.

The study found that confidence among businesses about digital skills is low, and 80% of UK business leaders believe that investment in digital skills will be needed if the country will recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK has been drawing for too long on a pool of talent too shallow to power the economy of the future the current negative trend he negative trend was exacerbated by the circulating myth among the youth especially the women that Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects and careers are not for them. More disturbing of the declining trend is that only 3% of women say that a career in tech was their first choice – an alarmingly low number narrowing down the pool of recruits.

Women remain underrepresented in the tech sector making up only 23% of the STEM jobs, according to research conducted by PwC.

Allowing the trend to continue to plummet in our 21st-century economy characterized by advancement in ICT, too many UK people will be left behind by the digital economy, and the country will only fail in the post-COVID-19 pandemic but will trail the rest of the world.


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Possible solutions to the UK declining in digital skills acquisition


Unless The UK government encourages young people especially women to take up STEM-related jobs and enforces a policy that guarantees UK employers recruiting new entrants to the workforce with the necessary digital skillset, the country is bound to experience dwindling and eventual loss of future economic prowess and power.

Huawei, in showing the real value of private sector contribution to address the issue, is stepping up its effort to scupper the negative trend and bridge the looming digital skills gap which threatens to hold back the country’s progress. The big tech company is teaching the people the value of digital skills in the job market to instill confidence in taking up STEM, creating the capability required for the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, and helping develop a more productive economy.

Huawei’s ICT Academy program is piloting women-only STEM classes, aimed at creating a network of women supporting each other’s learning and use virtual experiences at workplaces. The ICT program was developed to train 2 million professionals in the next five years.

The giant tech company is also working with universities, colleges, and schools, enabling academia to offer globally recognized ICT industry certifications and employable skills to their students. It is also helping teachers by providing digital learning resources and the IT sector and helping them to keep abreast of the fast-paced changes in digital skill requirements as well.



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