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Why Instagram account users will soon be blocked and banned permanently


Instagram account users will soon have their account banned from the social media internet network service platform unless they adhere to the strict new rules.

Facebook-owned social media platform has confirmed that all account users need to hand over their real date of birth – or face being blocked permanently from the firm.

According to a media report, Instagram also said that users would be sent a notification to provide their real birthdays if they haven’t provided them and they would need to share the birthday (dates of birth) before continuing to use the social media account.

The Facebook-owned internet network service company said that they are developing new systems to address the efficient implementation of the new rules by using artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate how old people are and reveal one’s actual age based on things like ‘Happy Birthday’ posts.


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Reasons Instagram want users to share their real birthday

  1. Instagram says that new birthday rules will help create safety features to keep its younger audience safe ensure it provides the right social media users’ experiences to the right age group.
  2. The social media network service firm said that giving the actual date of birth would not only create a safer experience but more private experiences for young people
  3. The new features in the internet network change is also aimed at preventing adults from sending messages to people under 18 who don’t follow them.
  4. By supplying a real date of birth, Instagram can stop any adverts being displayed that may be inappropriate for a younger audience.

According to the internet network company, people who fail to comply will be denied access to one of the most popular apps of all time  It will also be interesting to see just how good Instagram’s detective work really is when it comes to verifying ages.


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