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International Women Empowerment


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4 named international organizations you can join helping women and girls in Afghanistan amidst takeover of the government byTaliban group


International Women’s Day is still needful for many reasons not just about the campaign against violence act against women. There have been many advances to women’s fundamental rights, not until now the Taliban have taken over Afghan – a current situation that looked quite dreadful for women and girls in the country.

These advanced have supported the women socially, educationally, economically, and otherwise towards empowering them and ensuring their fundamental rights are preserved.

Top of the list of various human-rights negligence or abuses by Taliban group, in their mission to install an extreme version of Sharia Law, has been banning of female education over the age of 10, banned from education and the workforce, leaving the house without a male chaperone, showing any skin in public or accessing healthcare administered by a man, attacks on women in positions of power, and those involved in political life. the forced wearing of the burqa and severe restrictions on day-to-day freedoms for women and girls.

Recent reports show that women have started losing their jobs in number and are being sent home from the schools in cities that have fallen under Taliban control already.


International bodies fighting for Afganistan women’s rights supporting their empowerment

There is a growing number of international organizations and charities committed to aiding Afghan refugees and women’s and girls’ empowerment in the region. Below are just a few major named ones:

International Rescue Committee

Amnesty International UK

Women for Women International

Relief International


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