Ordering Whole Numbers – Meaning and Steps


Introduction to numbers: Ordering Whole Numbers - Meaning and Steps

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Watch video on Introduction to NumbersOrdering Whole Numbers – Meaning and Steps

Ordering Whole Numbers – Meaning and Steps

Meaning of Ordering Whole Numbers

What is ordering whole numbers? Ordering Whole Numbers means writing whole numbers according to their sizes or magnitude which can either from the smallest (least) to the biggest (greatest or largest) – ascending order of magnitude or from the biggest to the smallest (descending order of magnitude).

Steps in Ordering Whole Numbers

You can compare, identify and order whole numbers in 4 steps. They are:

Step 1: Write out the numbers line by line

Step 2: Compare their sizes digit by digit progressively starting from the first digit.

Step 3: Assign positions to the compared numbers in accordance with your results in step 2 above

Step 4: Order the number appropriately as required by the question

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