Manchester United football star launches a kids’ book club


Marcus Rashford, England and Manchester United striker

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Marcus Rashford, England and Manchester United striker. Photo credit:



Kids & Education News:

Manchester United football star Marcus Rashford launches a kids’ book club

Marcus Rashford forced the UK government to change its policy in favour of helping kids from low-income families feed.

The English striker’s partnership will see Macmillan publish fiction and non-fiction books for him


Manchester United football star Marcus Rashford launches kids’ book club is launching a children’s book club in 2021 according to a news report. The children’s book club is to help children enjoy the escapism of reading.

After successful campaigns to eradicate child poverty that forced the UK government into changing policies in favour of helping children from low-income families feed, The England and Manchester United striker is working with publisher Macmillan Children’s Books (MCB) to help provide more less-privileged children the opportunity to learn to read.

The children publishing firm Macmillan said that Marcus Rashford’s kids’ book club will recommend titles that would champion the works of young, emerging writers and illustrators from all backgrounds.

Marcus Rashford’s partnership with Macmillan will see the football star publish a range of fiction and non-fiction books.


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‘You are a champion: Unlock your potential, find your voice, and be the best you can be’ will be the first title of the books. The book which will be published in May 2021 for children aged 11 to 16 years will be co-created with Carl Anka, a journalist for The Athletic, and performance psychologist Katie Warriner.

Macmillan Children Book also said that each chapter will begin with a story from Rashford’s own life experience and, will cover topics such as adversity; the value of education; positive mentality; understanding culture and female role models as well as children learning how positive thinking can change one’s life; how to build mental resilience; learn how to traverse difficulty and discover the irresistible power of their own voice.

The children publishing company also said that two fiction titles for readers aged seven 7 and above will be published later in 2022.

The 22-year old Manchester United superstar, who is fighting hard to improve the standard of living for the poor UK kids, also said that his books would for every child and that he wouldn’t mind delivering them himself to reach every child.


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