‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ Movie Review: Funny and Expounding Romantic-Comedic Story


The Most Eligible Bachelor featured majorly Akhil Akkineni (Harsha) and Pooja Hegde (Vibha)

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Pooja Hegde and Akhil Akkineni prop up a passable romance-comedy (comic-love story) that could have been so much more

Most Eligible Bachelor: Featured Casts, Director, and Musicals

  • Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Pooja Hegde
  • Director: Bhaskar
  • Music: Gopi Sundar

‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ is more of a question and less of a statement

The title of the movie ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ is more of a question and less of a statement, and thus blocks a story. In conventional social norms, Harsha (Akhil Akkineni) will tick all the boxes to qualify as the most suitable bachelor. He has a well-paying job in the United States, investing in a new home and getting everything ready to move in with his soulmate. He even turned down the live-in offer because he’s a nice guy who doesn’t want to do something his family in India wouldn’t approve of. Sweet, right?

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Harsha’s loving family approach stands on his marriage way

But does Harsha really know what she wants from marriage? The story throws this question at Harsha by pitting him against a wiser woman, Vibha (Pooja Hegde). The shallowness in Harsha’s extended and loving family approach is evident in the way they arranged his wedding, even though he hasn’t chosen a bride yet. Harsha arrives in India for a 20 day holiday and she and her family are confident that everything will work out. After all, he was the most suitable bachelor.

Many women who have gone through the rigours of matchmaking may have met an NRI partner who was only visiting India for a few days and wanted to find a life partner during that time. This kind of right from a spouse’s family may be accepted by some, but there will be women like Vibha who will question it: is it a relevant and compelling premise for a romantic comedy?

Harsha’s encounter with the bride-to-be, Vibha, turns the film into romantic-comedy

Harsha’s encounter with the bride-to-be, punctuated by a comedy of mistakes when he meets Vibha’s father (Murali Sharma) is fun to watch. What happens when Harsha, unaware of the world outside her cocoon, is hit by Vibha and begins to absorb every sentence she says, is recounted lively.

To add an extra touch to Vibha’s character, she is depicted as a stand-up comedian. The jokes are almost always about marriage and relationships, but the jokes are pretty bland. As the story progressed, we came to understand what was eating away at him and how he turned his suffering into a joke.

Harsha and Vibha make character-adjustment to be soulmates – That depicts the relationship and marriage

So far so good. But after asking questions about what Harsha wants out of marriage, the story falters. In real life, had Harsha returned from the US the second time, driven by the eagerness to meet Vibha and mend things after a spat, he might have gone and had a chat with her. But this is a romantic comedy without much imagination. In the garb of adding humour and drama, the narrative shows Harsha shadowing Vibha. He isn`t a creepy stalker but it still doesn`t feel like the right way to do it. Surely there are better ways by which the story could have shown how they begin to bond. In the process where Harsha and Vibha find their soul mates in each other, the story ends by depicting all the other couples around them as people trapped in unhappy marriages. Marriage is about making adjustments, characters keep repeating themselves. Director Bhaskar said it doesn’t have to be like that, through narratives that become da’wah. One of the tropes towards the end, as Vibha finds a safety net in Harsha, also presents herself as manipulative.

An important part of the story is told before the royal couple Rahul Ravindran and Chinmayi Sripada who are revered for being together in times of chaos. The story also ends by portraying their characters as people who live their marriages with compromises and adjustments. It can’t be just Harsha and Vibha who are determined to live their lives with eternal love, right?

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Assessment of the characters in ‘The Most Eligible Bachelor’: Pooja Hegde is an adorable Vibha with a lot more acting potential waiting to be tapped and Akhil Akkineni shows a lot of improvement as an actor

‘The Most Qualified Bachelor’ has technical prowess, a fun lead pair, offers some laughs and hums, but it doesn’t drive you crazy. Pooja Hegde is as adorable as Vibha and shows she has a lot more acting potential waiting to be tapped. Akhil Akkineni shows a lot of improvement as an actor and is as good as Harsha. Among the commotion of supporting actors, only Murali Sharma stands out.

Somewhere in the middle of the film, Harsha tells another character that she sees the length and breadth of an issue but not its depth. The same goes for this film. His understanding of what triggers relationships remains at a superficial level.

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