Weird News: Nigerian Government Agency, NSITF, says termites ate up the vouchers containing the details of how it spent N17billion


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Weird News: Nigerian Government Agency, NSITF, says termites ate up the vouchers containing the details of how it spent N17billion

Watch YouTube Video: How Termites ‘eat up’ NSITF documents containing expenditures worth N17billion

In one of our weirdest news blog posts of today, the Nigerian Federal Government Agency, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) NSITF, has said that termites ate up the vouchers containing the details of how it spent N17 billion.

Termites have allegedly eaten up some documents of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) containing expenditures worth N17.1 billion, officials of the agency have told the Senate, according to one of the latest weird news reports

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The NSITF management could not, however, justify the spending of the money when it appeared before the Senate Public Accounts Committee (SPAC) on Friday when the panel confronted it.

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The OAuGF said the unaccountable N17.158 billion represented the total amount, transferred by the NSITF from its Skye Bank and First Bank accounts, into various untraceable accounts between January and December 2013

In the weird news report, which the SPAC is now considering, the OAuGF has queried the agency for spending billions without appropriate supporting documents.

The strange blog post was captured: ‘’ Termites ‘eat up’ NSITF documents containing expenditures worth N17bn ‘’

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