NOUN Awards First Class to 103 Graduating Students


NOUN Awards

NOUN Awards First Class to 103 Graduating Students

NOUN awards First Class honours to 103 out of 20,799 university graduating degree students in various courses.

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National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abdalla Adamu, disclosed this during the university’s convocation in Abuja on Saturday.

In line with him, the university has the very best single graduation of students in 12 months in Nigeria, urging them to be its right ambassadors. NOUN awards degree honours to students even though the courses are offered online. Just like other recognised degree awarding institutions, The ACT of university establishment had provided for NOUN Awards.

He said that the substantial growth in the wide variety of graduating students this year is an evidence of increasing confidence Nigerian have in the university.

As a weapon of mass guidance, people are actually accepting Open Distance learning as a manner and gadget of self-education.

The university within the last three years has sustained growth in leaps and limits, preserving a crucial conviction that it has the potentials to overcome its challenges.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that the causes of maximum crises in the United States of America may be traced to lack of know-how and a loss of training, including that the Federal government will make education less costly and open to all.

The President said this in his statement at the Eighth Convocation of the National Open College of Nigeria, NOUN noting that the authorities could decorate nice training through greater budgetary allocations and special interventions.

Buhari was represented by the Deputy Secretary of the National Universities’ Commission, Victor Onuoha, who additionally read the President’s speech.

Buhari said that it is usual understanding that the root cause of most of the recorded problems  of Nigeria as a nation is due to lack of expertise which we are hoping may be abated through the  useful mass education.

Buhari finally hinted that Federal government is devoted to making education cheap to produce more skilled experts through the open and distance learning method.

Posted: March 24, 2019, | Category: Local News


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