Sexual abuse of UK pupils in schools is now a ‘’normal’’ practice


Sexual abuse of schoolgirls were alleged reported in private schools in Uk and it appears to have become a normal practice

Campaign against Sexual Abuse & Violence on Girl children and Women

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8,000 reported cases by pupils of alleged sexual assault, rape, and harassment at some of the UK’s leading private schools

Dulwich College has said it has reported its boys accused of sex crimes to police

Growing claims are being shared online, often on the Everyone’s Invited website which urges young sexual abuse survivors to share their stories.

Many of the accounts describe allegations of sexual harassment and sexual violence carried out against young women by young men who are at school or college or university with them or part of the same social groups.

Pupils and some former pupils at some of the UK’s leading private schools have been making allegations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, and about 8,000 such cases have been reported by pupils.

The anonymous claims are being shared online, often on the Everyone’s Invited website which urges young sexual abuse survivors to share their stories, and are growing all the time.

Watch video a conversation with Ms. Soma Sara report of ‘Rape Culture’ against UK private school girls

“Rape culture” was a problem for all schools and sexual assault had become ‘’normalized’’, said Media Ms. Soma Sara, founder of the Everyone’s Invited website.

She further described the experience raised or reported as “Sexual harassment, groping at a Christmas party, image-based abuse, revenge porn, non-consensual sharing of intimate photos – and just general sexism and misogyny,” she said, describing the experiences being raised.

Anonymous testimonies listed on the site do not reveal the identity of the pupils or their attackers, but many schools are named. Many of the incidents recounted took place outside school or university premises.

A former male pupil at Dulwich College has written an open letter which includes 250 anonymous stories from girls who went to nearby schools alleging they suffered from the behaviour of some Dulwich students.

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Dulwich College, a high school in London, the UK where alleged sexual abuses of schoolgirls were reported. Photo credit:

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ITV News reported that the headteacher of Dulwich College told parents earlier that he had reported some pupils to the police after receiving allegations of sexual harassment.

A small protest has been held outside a London independent school in March over concerns of a culture of sexual abuse and harassment, referred to as ‘Rape Culture’

But as the voices of concern grow England’s child commissioner has called the allegations alarming and said schools have clear advice to follow, and London Metropolitan Police, after receiving a good number of specific offences, said it was aware of the claims being made to the website and asked that any crimes be reported to them.

The Met’s lead for rape and sexual offences, Detective Superintendent Mel Laremore said officers have been reviewing the content to establish whether any victims of crime in London could be encouraged to report crimes to the police

According to BBC News, Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey blamed the “volume of pornographic material that’s being consumed”.

“There’s an erosion of an understanding of what normal sexual relationships look like,” said the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on child protection

Ms. Sara said “normalizing and trivializing” such incidents could create a “gateway to more extreme criminal acts, such as rape and sexual assault”.

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