October 13: The World ‘No Bra Day’, to promote breast cancer awareness


World No Bra Day, October 13 - marked to promote breast cancer awareness

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World ‘No Bra Day’ is celebrated on October 13 every year and this year’s theme which is about combating the global menace of breast cancer in women falls right in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The motive of this year’s ‘No Bra Day’ is to promote breast cancer awareness in both men and women and encourages all to spot early warning signs and get an edge in the fight against the disease. The movement also encourages gender equality.

However, there is widespread encouragement of women to go bra-less on this day in order to mark the Day, it International No Bra Day should remind people that breast cancer is a potentially fatal disease, but also one of the most preventable forms of cancer.

The origin of this day goes back to July 9, 2011, but within three years it had moved to the 13th day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The original event is known as “Bra Day”, was started by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Mitchell Brown. She organized the first event of the day titled “Breast Reconstruction– An Evening of Learning and Sharing” in Toronto, Canada at Women’s College Hospital and Toronto General Hospital.

For years, women have protested the physical and cultural restrictions imposed by bras. It is to interpret rejection of society’s perception of women’s bodies and dress requirements.

Social media users trend the hashtag #nobraday on Instagram and Twitter especially, alerting women of breast cancer symptoms, and encouraging them to conduct regular self-examinations.

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Some of the social media tweets reported by kalingatv.com from users are:

No bra day!!!! Still on the journey of the educative session as we go braless to encourage women to promote breast cancer awareness. Join us let’s protect our women #cohssknust#knust pic.twitter.com/5MRWS0Qmoz

— Ephya_KNUST (@Epis_Vanessa) October 13, 2021

What #NoBraDay is all about really
RAISING AWARENESS!! pic.twitter.com/IkkIAl6xMU

— COUNSELOR (@ShattaSarkodie) October 13, 2021

#NoBraDay aims to raise more awareness in the importance of breast screening whether by self-examination or regular screening.

Free the boobs today  pic.twitter.com/wHQF7llbFg

— J.K. Homezi (@jkhomezi) October 13, 2021

Causes of Breast Cancer in Women

The causes of breast cancer in women are not fully understood, making it difficult to say why one woman may develop breast cancer and another may not.

However, there are risk factors known to affect your likelihood of developing breast cancer. Some of them are age, family history, previous breast cancer or lump, dense breast tissue, exposure to oestrogen hormones and hormone medicine and even hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and the use of contraceptive pills.

Others are lifestyle-related factors or causes like being overweight or obese, drinking alcohol, radiations (such as x-ray and CT scans)

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