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Homeschool teaching and learning information technology tools

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Homeschool teaching & learning services: Top 5 information & communication technology (ICT) tools for your home classroom | Best 5 digital devices for your school kids and students’ homeschooling | Top 5 tools for your ICT Home | Providing information technology about home education and learning for sustainable future and better life in our 21st Century education system

Perhaps your school’s kids are at home for a long vacation or break and you need them to have extended home education before school resumption. Then, turn your home into a classroom for the purpose of homeschooling because your home can provide dynamic teaching and learning experiences for the students provided the environment is conducive and other factors like provision of learning aids are well taken care of.

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The Top 5 digital tools for your kids’ homeschooling in our 21st-century education system:

1. An information and communication technology (ICT) tool-fit learning environment

Embarking on any information & communication technology (ICT) tool program and services for home education necessarily demands a learning environment fit for it otherwise the essence of the home school teaching and learning may be defeated. The driving concept of this homeschooling services is that a new classroom environment promotes new learning. Such an environment featuring digital devices-fit design will promote readiness and create a sense of learning in the mind of the school kids.

2. Smartboards

Another information and communication technology (ICT) tool that enhances the effectiveness of homeschooling services is a smartboard. Smartboards operate just like a whiteboard, allowing a person to write on them with real or digital markers but can record what is written or turn a digital marker line into a concrete visual component.

In opening up students’ internet access and engagement, a student can explore learning online, and control images on a smartboard. Some versions have touch-enabled digital unlimited computer screens.

3. Smart tables

Smart tables come in the form of a table. This 21st-century information and communication technology (ICT) devices take displayed information off the wall and put it on tables.

They are stronger, durable, more relaxed to use and more especially studier than the wall-mounted boards. These digital devices are great for fostering collaboration from school kids and higher learning students. They can unify the students for exciting research and learning experience by supporting more interactions at the same time. Smart tables are similar to smartboards.

Any form of school education can be acquired at home with these ICT teaching and learning tools and not just in a school classroom setting alone.

4. Digital Papers

Digital papers are like electronic papers (e-papers), essentially very thin tablets with paper-like functionality. One good advantage of a digital paper device as a home classroom tool is that it eliminates manual paperwork.

5. Digital textbooks

Digital textbooks are another home school education & learning device. They are textbooks in digital form or online databases or programs. Digital textbooks as information and communication technology tools have gained wider popularity since it replaced high-school and university textbooks as open-source digital books. There are many free digital textbooks provided by online for school pupils and students.

They help a school cut down on the costs of producing physical textbooks. Some schools are going beyond adopting a new format for teaching and learning texts.


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