Turkish universities woo Nigerians with 90% scholarships


Turkish universities

Turkish universities are wooing Nigerian students with 90% scholarship offer to current trend of globalization of international education.

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A bilateral agreement has been signed by federal government and the international education body so that students would be given opportunities to study in over 70 public universities in Turkey.

Goodmus Learning Center an educational institute has been officially empowered to take care of the admission process. Badmus Adekunle, the chief executive officer of the center, said the scholarship was to aid Nigerians in pursuit of studying abroad minimize the high cost of studies abroad.

He called on the teeming prospective students to avail themselves of the opportunity, saying that about 30 students benefited from the offer from Turkish universities last year.

Over thirty Nigerian students got the scholarship last year and they are already in Turkey now. Turkish representatives were invited into Nigeria last year to see how the examination was conducted.

With regards to the 90 percent scholarship awards, interesting students are to pay a subsidized tuition fee ranging from 200 and 985 Euros for one academic session, medical courses inclusive.

Adekunle, therefore, invites prospective students to utilize this opportunity and prepare for the upcoming examination.

A Turkey professor in Veterinary medicine, Uludag university, Dr.llker Arican says that the exams where conducted in over 21 countries across the globe including countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

After every exams and grading, cut off marks are set and any student that meets the cut off mark is automatically qualified for the scholarship and will travel to Turkey for his or her degree programme.

Professor Arican added that already five thousand students have been gotten. He said that about fifteen thousand students were expected from across the world. He further said that he hopes to continue with the process until their target are met.


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