Two children left dead in Chinese School’s Knife Attack


Knife attack on children
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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Two children were killed and two others injured by a man at an elementary school in Central China, according to the local authorities. The man was said to have attached them with a knife.

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The attack took place at Baijiaping Township Wanquan Elementary School in Ningyuan County, Hunan Province. Ningyuan County in a brief statement on its official WeChat social media, said that the two injured children who had been taken to a hospital were in stable condition.

This statement was made by Feng an officer at the Public Security Bureau of Ningyuan County but no further details were given by him. According to the statement, the attacker, Zheng by surname, a 31-year-old man had been taken into police custody. No further details were given for the reason behind the attack even though the incident was reportedly said still under investigation.

This violent attack was the latest in a string of knife attacks on Chinese schools more recently, adding to concerns among parents about the safety of their children in schools safety. Gun violence is not common in China, where ownership of firearms is strictly regulated.

Last year, knife attacks occurred at schools in Shaanxi Territory, in Shanghai and in Chongqing City, the southwestern city in China. In January this year, a man attacked and injured 20 kids using a hammer at an elementary school in Beijing. Henan Territory police said it had detained a kindergarten teacher who was suspected of poisoning 23 children last week.

Despite the punishment for perpetrators of such crime up to giving death penalty, the rate at which attacks on school children has shown few signs of reducing in China.

Lack of quality mental health care, growing frustrations about social injustice and inequality and inspiration derived from past successful attacks on children have been described by experts as the main causes of the attack.


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