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Photo credit: Andrea Piacoquadio of Pexels

1. Sheep Sentenced To Three Years In Jail For Killing A Woman

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The photo of the sheep sentenced to three years in prison for killing a woman. Image credit: ndtv.com

In a weird case, a sheep in South Sudan has been sentenced to jail for three years after it was found guilty of killing a woman. 

According to Sudan’s Eye Radio, the ram was taken into police custody in South Sudan earlier this month after it attacked 45-year-old Adhieu Chaping. The ram had headbutted Ms. Chaping repeatedly, breaking her ribs. The 45-year-old died immediately because of her injuries. 

The local court also ruled that the owner of the ram, Duony Manyang Dhal, will also have to hand over five cows to the victim’s family.

2. Mum, 20, killed by washing machine

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20-year-old Viviane Rodrigues. Image credit: mirror.co.uk

A 20-year-old mum, Viviane Rodrigues, has been killed after she suffered a fatal electric shock after putting her hand into a washing machine, thinking her load had finished.

The deceased who had a 9-year-old son was putting on a wash at her home in Juazeiro, northeast Brazil when the incident occurred.

She suffered a massive shock when she put her hand in the machine while it was still running to retrieve some items of clothing, according to investigators, and died in a local hospital unit shortly after she was rushed there.

3. A man asks his girlfriend to pay $9,000 in dating expenses after a breakup

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A broken heart signifies a break-up in a relationship. Image by Steve Watts from Pixabay 

A Shanghai man has recently asked his ex-girlfriend to compensate him for all the expenses incurred while they dated.

Chinese media reported that the strange case of the unnamed Chinese man who allegedly compiled an incredibly detailed list of expenses incurred while dating a woman who had since broken up with him. The unusual list features hundreds of line items, complete with dates and times, as well as descriptions of specific expenditures for clarity. He allegedly sent his ex the list as proof of the money he spent on her during their relationship, demanding that she compensate him, having had every little yuan spent recorded in advance

The man’s list included trivial expenditures such as “two bottles of water”, as well as more substantial expenses, like taking care of the ex’s sick mother and the funeral costs when she died, 36.1 yuan to “buy snacks and give them all to the woman”, the amount spent, dinner for two at a restaurant in Changning.

His detailed document also mentions whether each expenditure was shared as a couple or if the woman was the only beneficiary.

4. Watch a video of An Australian performing 3,182 push-ups in an hour.

An Australian athlete broke his second Guinness World Record by performing 3,182 push-ups in an hour.

Daniel Scali, who previously broke the Guinness World Record for the longest time in the abdominal plank position (male), officially broke the record for most push-ups in one hour (male), Guinness announced.

The record-keeping organization said Scali performed more than 100 push-ups than previous record-holder Jarrad Young, who completed 3.054 push-ups in one hour in 2021.

5. A navy veteran united with his first long-lost love 70 years after meeting in Japan

After 70 years of searching for a long-lost love he left in Japan, a 91-year-old Korean War veteran finally tracked her down and reunited her in an emotional meeting earlier this week.

The Korean War Navy veteran Duane Mann first met Peggy Yamaguchi in 1953 while he was stationed in Japan from 1953 to 1954. During his free time, Mann would work as a slot machine repairman at an Air Force NCO Club where Peggy worked as a “hat check girl.” In a final attempt to reunite with Yamaguchi, Mann recalled in a Facebook post spending “a lot of time dancing together” as they fell in love and began a relationship.

The two had plans to marry until Mann was discharged and sent back to the U.S. two months early. When Mann returned home, he discovered his father had spent all of his savings, which he planned to use to bring Yamaguchi to the U.S. Mann and Yamaguchi regularly exchanged letters until he stopped receiving them after one month. He later found out his mother had burned the letters because she did not want Mann “to marry a Japanese girl.”

Mann expressed having “a very heavy heart” after leaving Yamaguchi, who was pregnant when Mann returned to the U.S. He felt compelled to reunite with her to tell her that he never abandoned her and explain why they were unable to see each other.

6. A distillery is making whiskey from invasive crabs in the US’ New Hampshire

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A crab is used by a US distilling company to make whiskey. Photo by Mackenzie Cruz on Unsplash

New Hampshire-based Tamworth Distilling in the US is making its whiskey from an unusual ingredient – the green crab, which is an invasive crab species but it’s not for shellfish reasons. Called House of Tamworth Crab Trapper, it’s made with “a bourbon base steeped with a custom crab, corn and spice blend mixture”.

7. Scary footage shows a creepy doll ‘rocking chair’ inside a haunted hotel

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The creepy wooden chair moves on its own in a ghost hotel in Chester. Image credit: dailystar.co.uk

The Ye Olde Kings is rumoured to be a popular place for spirits as paranormal enthusiast Harry Achilleos and his friends captured an unexplained moment when a wooden chair moved on its own. Paranormal enthusiast Harry Achilleos, who is now running a ghost tour in Chester, has installed 16 infrared cameras in the Grade II-listed Ye Olde Kings to monitor any eerie movements.

The terrifying moment is when a chair seems to be moving on its own inside a 400-year-old hotel that is rumoured to be home to 13 ghosts.

The Ye Olde Kings in Chester has gained a reputation for its paranormal activity involving tormented souls of Civil War soldiers, Roman soldiers, young children, and women who worked there when it was a brothel in the 17th century.

The hotel has been featured on paranormal TV programmes and attracted ghost-hunters to visit due to its abnormal activities recorded on cameras.

8. Man uses feet to draw incredible celeb portraits – including Harry Styles and Will Smith

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René Vignola uses his feet to draw Will Smith. Image credit: mirror.co.uk

A talented artist goes viral on TikTok with incredible foot art. He has astonished fans with his extraordinary portraits of celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande, all of which have been drawn using his feet.

The artist, René Vignola, has wowed his fans after sharing a series of foot-drawn portraits of celebrities, with some remarking that he can draw better with his feet than most people can with their hands, which he refers to as ‘PataDibujos’ (Spanish for ‘paw drawings’).

In a series of mesmerizing videos shared via TikTok, the 21-year-old can be seen gripping the pen expertly between his big and second toe, before drawing a variety of famous faces. The video has since clocked up more than 4.8 million views.

Subjects have previously included Glastonbury headliner Billie Eilish to rapper Kanye West, as well as actor Will Smith and pop star Ariana Grande.

9. A pest company says it will pay you $2,000 to release 100 cockroaches into your home

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A cockroach. Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

A pest company based out of North Carolina is offering to pay $2,000 for homeowners to allow it to release cockroaches into their house.

The company, The Pest Informer, said on its website that it is looking for about five to seven households that will allow the pest technicians to put about 100 American cockroaches into the house.

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