13 unbelievable, strange, weird, scary and interesting real stories and news of 19th June 2022


13 Unbelievable, weird, strange, bizarre, odd, scary, unusual and interesting news and stories

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Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

1. Boy, 11 dies after ‘being raped’ for years by four ‘evil’ brothers with HIV

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An unknown boy has tragically died after he was repeatedly raped by four twisted brothers. Photo by Brad Helmink on Unsplash

A boy has tragically died after he was repeatedly raped by four twisted brothers who infected him with HIV.

An 11-year-old Bolivian boy was unbelievably subjected to a campaign of abuse by his neighbours for several years before his death.

He was assaulted by the infected perpetrators, after being repeatedly raped by four twisted brothers who were aged 15, 17, 23, and 28, and got him infected with HIV. Thereby passing the deadly disease to him.

Their victim fell into a coma and suffered from two heart attacks on Saturday in Bolivia.

The boy was pronounced dead in a hospital in Santa Cruz after he endured a second cardiac arrest on the weekend. The multiple sex attack resulting in the incident has turned the residents into vigilantes.

2. A Ukrainian woman raped by 3 Russian troops for 6 days

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There are claims that Russian soldiers are raping Ukrainian women. rollingstone.com

A 19-year-old Ukrainian woman has revealed that during a six-day ordeal she was detained and raped by sick Russian soldiers who she claims forced weapons inside her intimate parts.

Nastya, who lives on the outskirts of Mariupol, the besieged city on the north coast of the Sea of Azov, told Ukrainian media of her ordeal after her area was captured by Vladimir Putin’s troops.

Nastya, her younger sister, and her grandmother were seeking refuge from the bombs in the basement beneath their house, which was decimated by a bomb in March, but encountered five Russian troops one day, she, her younger sister, and grandmother were walking 30 meters from the shelter.

Being under duress, she accepted to obey the soldiers’ demands for the release of her sister and grandmother

Three of the men “introduced” themselves undressed her, mocked her, and laughed at her. That night and the following five days, she was consistently raped by all three of them, sometimes by two men at once, putting weapons to her mouth and intimate parts, laughing and asking if she liked it.

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3. Inside ‘eyesore’ pub with topless dancers where you got a free bacon sandwich with a pint

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Inside the pub house with topless dancers where visitors get a bacon sandwich with a pint. Photo credit: dailystar.co.uk

Another bizarre story comes from Liverpool, England. The locals shared their fondest memories of a lost city center boozer where free bacon sandwiches are given for a pint and then to topless go-go dancers and “deafening silence” when an unfamiliar face walked in.

The Penny Farthing pub later renamed the New Penny Farthing, was located in the city center just off St. John’s Precinct near the Royal Court Theatre closed six years ago in 2016 after nearly 45 years of pulling pints after it was taken over by the Royal Court Theatre in 2015.

The notorious public house, which originally opened in the 1970s, was a diamond in the ruff for its regulars and became known for the cheapest pint in town.

4. Woman removes her underwear and sits on a man’s face ‘for £100 bet’ in the packed beer garden

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A middle-aged woman pulled down her underwear and squatted on the younger man’s face outside a pub. Photo credit: dailystar.co.uk

Several punters cheer on the weird and strange story of a video circulating online which showed a middle-aged woman pulling down her underwear and squatting on the younger man’s face outside a pub, with one yelling: ‘100 quid, go, go!’ as the man recording the grim clip repeats the figure.

The woman, covered her face as she removed her underwear before squatting on a bloke’s face, apparently for a bet, in a packed beer garden.

The clip was allegedly shot at music venue Chinnerys in Southend, Essex as the sun beat down on a beer garden beside a busy road.

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5. A family dog in Florida attacked and killed by an alligator while taking a walk with the owner.

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The 9 feet 2 inches alligator that attacked Toby, a 40-pound black Labrador retriever. Picture credit: foxnews.com

Unfortunately, a family dog got attacked and killed by an alligator while taking a walk with the owner.

Joshua Wells was following his usual lunchtime routine earlier this month, where he would take his dog, a 40-pound black Labrador retriever named Toby, out for a walk and a quick game of fetch at a local park, when the pair were attacked by an alligator.

Joshua Wells and Toby traveled to the J.R. Alford Greenway Trail, a popular park in Tallahassee, for their usual outdoor activities, when an alligator that was just over 9 feet long leaped out from a nearby waterway, grabbed the dog by his head, and carried it back into the water.

The incident happened so fast that Wells said the dog never had time to respond. Wells reported that the alligator took him down like it was nothing.

Wells told officials Wildlife Conservative Agency officials that he attempted to rescue the family pup by grabbing the gator but quickly reconsidered the decision when he saw its size.

6. A TikToker explains how to keep flies out of your house – video

Click here to watch the video of a simple 65p plant hack to keep flies out of your home this summer.

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7. ‘Narco monkey’ in bulletproof vest and camouflage killed in cartel shootout as gang post bizarre tribute

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‘Narco monkey in a bulletproof vest and camouflage killed in bloody cartel shootout. Photo credit: mirror.co.uk

Spider monkey ‘El Changuito’ was killed alongside 11 cartel members in a deadly shooting in the town of Texcaltitlan a town 60 miles southwest of the capital Mexico City, despite wearing a tiny bulletproof vest at the time, in another weird and disturbing news.

A bloody shootout has seen 11 cartel members killed – as well as the pet monkey of one of the gang members.

The monkey’s owner was among the dead, with the pet – who was wearing a tiny bulletproof vest and camouflage jacket – lying on his chest.

The owner was a young man in his 20s who was said to be part of Mexico’s infamous criminal group La Familia Michoacana.

Since the deaths, a bizarre emotional tribute to the monkey is being shared on social media. It says the animal was called “El Changuito” and was born last year.

It says: “It wasn’t your turn, friend. Rest in peace.”

8. Indian man uses online dating app, Bumble, to search for a house to rent In Bombay, Mumbai

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The shared screenshots of the man’s Bumble profile. “Not a sapiosexual. Looking for a flat in Mumbai, India. Image credit: ndtv.com

Could you believe that an Indian man from Kerala uses the online dating app, Bumble, to search for a house to rent In Mumbai? A Twitter user shared screenshots of the man’s Bumble profile and the post has gone viral several users have been left impressed leaving the internet users impressed with the man’s ingenuity.

The shared screenshots of the man’s Bumble profile. “Not a sapiosexual. Looking for a flat in Mumbai,” the man’s bio read. In the following screenshot, the man even mentioned that users should swipe right on his profile if they are in Mumbai and comfortable in helping him to find a place near Western Line since he does not speak Hindi.

The post garnered more than 2,700 likes and hundreds of comments and retweets.

9. Britain’s man makes car ornaments out of dead rats, rabbits, and chicks

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Hairy Dangler car ornaments are made from dead animals by a self-taught taxidermist, Jack Devaney, based in Plymouth. Picture credit: dailystar.co.uk

In this strange and unbelievable story, Jack Devaney, a British ex-butcher and self-taught taxidermist from Plymouth has started making ‘Hairy Danglers’ (fur-covered car baubles attached to an elastic loop driver can dangle from their rearview mirror), deformed and misshaped car ornaments from dead rodents – and business which he started accidentally is  proving to be a hit with drivers.

The ornaments are the latest addition to his catalogue of strange animal creations including a rabbit toaster, a rat pencil case and mice earrings. He usually sources his the animals used in his Hairy Danglers from pet shop freezers.

Jack said he developed the skills that evolved into the business from his first taxidermy creation of a feasibility project – the creation of a taxidermy rat pencil case that resulted in a misunderstanding.

Jack Devaney has also made toasters out of rabbits and pencil cases out of rats

10. A man consumed 30 Cans of Pepsi Drink every day for 20 years without drinking water

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Andy Currie, a 41-year-old supermarket worker from Bangor, North Wales drank 30 cans of Pepsi Drink for 20 years without drinking water. Picture credit: ladbible.com

It is unbelievable and strange to know that Andy Currie, a 41-year-old supermarket worker from Bangor, North Wales drank 30 cans of Pepsi Drink for 20 years without drinking water, amounting to 219,000 cans of Pepsi, which is nearly 8,000kg of sugar – the equivalent of seven million cubes. He has spent an eye-watering £ 7,000 a year on the fizzy drink, consuming nine liters a day.

Andy said: “I’ve always loved the taste of a cold Pepsi. Nothing could beat it and I just got hooked.

12. Grandmother of 17 gets married to 24 years old

Click below here to watch the video of a 61-year-old gran of 17 being married to 24 years old.

12. A man tattooed onto his feet because he’s ‘tired of paying’ for new ones

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A man tattooed shoes onto his feet because the man was ‘tired of paying’ for new ones. mirror.co.uk

It is a weird news and bizarre story to know that a tattoo artist Dean Gunther, 34, from Bellville in South Africa, tattooed onto the feet of a man because the man was ‘tired of paying’ for new ones.

The man told his tattoo artist he was ‘tired of paying’ for new shoes so had him permanently ink his favourite Nike trainers onto his feet as a ‘conversation starter’. He was “tired of paying” to replace his worn-out shoes and has decided to have his favourite pair of Nike trainers tattooed onto his feet.

Dean, who moved to the UK five years ago, recently went viral for tattooing a realistic six-pack onto a man’s stomach,

Dean – who set up his own tattoo studio in Greater Manchester called DG Tattoo Art – found the trainer design his customer liked best, viewed the image in 360 degrees, and then drew the design onto the client’s foot freehand.

13. Watch a video of Labena, a lady with both sex organs revealed

Click below here to watch the unbelievable and strange story

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