US schoolchildren suffer food shortages in schools across the country due to supply chain problems


US schoolchildren feeding programme is schools is facing food shortages and supply chain problems

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US Schoolchildren feeding programme

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US schools urged to find creative ways to feed school children after facing food shortages and supply chain problems

Food shortages and supply chain problems are forcing schools across the country to find creative ways to feed children. Whether it’s the last-minute cancellation of food tray orders or news that the expected supply of chicken and tater won’t arrive as promised, school districts are struggling to provide school meals due to worsening shortages and supply chain disruptions.

Schools are urging parents to brace up for the change as a result of the food shortages as they struggle to cope with the problems

In Dothan, Alabama, Dothan City Schools have warned parents not to expect short-term changes to lunch menus, as supply chain issues and a shortage of delivery drivers have caused the district to receive adequate food supplies. The district urged parents to send their children to school with a packed lunch if necessary, warning that more drastic measures may need to be taken. “As a last resort, we may also ask you to prepare for virtual/distant school days a few days a week to relieve stress on our food supply,” the district wrote in a letter to parents.

Elsewhere in the state, Decatur City School said supply chain problems in August left the district “without enough food” to feed students over the next week. District staff members ended up working 18 hours a day gathering food supplies more than 80 miles away. “[Child Nutrition Programme] staff members, along with the help of Decatur’s White Oak Truck, went to Birmingham and picked up 3 trucks full of food,” the district shared on Facebook

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Alexander City Schools, a district that serves students in Alabama’s Alexander City, has also reported difficulties with supply chain issues.

US Schools grappling with last-minute changes or cancellations of deliveries, feeding stops, and higher fees

But for many schools, the problem isn’t just finding available food supplies. Schools across the country are also grappling with last-minute changes or cancellations of deliveries, feeding stops, and perhaps most annoyingly of all significantly higher fees. “We saw cost increases of up to 48% on individual products,” Katie Wilson, executive director of the nonprofit Urban School Food Alliance, told the Washington Post. “And we have districts that only serve hand-held food [think sandwiches and burgers] two or three days a week because of the inability to get disposable cutlery.”

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