Video: How to know a person will die in two weeks’ time before he finally dies – Expert


Weird Article: Video: How to know a person will die in two weeks’ time before he finally dies

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Life and Death

Video: How to know a person will die in two weeks’ time before he finally dies – Expert

How a person feels two weeks before he finally dies

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Death to man is mysterious and inevitable

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Image by Michel Bertolotti from Pixabay

The sad truth is that death is inevitable for us all and it is also a mystery and we hardly know a person will die, even on a sick bed. Scientists know very little about what happens when someone dies and the process around it and the actual moment it happens are tricky to decipher.

Studies on death as a natural phenomenon are few and far between, so it is difficult to come up with established principles, theories, and generalizations. What is available to us are individual experiences published by doctors and other medical experts with patients before they finally gave up the ghosts.

5 Ways to Know a Person Will Die in Two Weeks’ Time Before He Eventually Dies

Many people don’t even think of death even in old age, let alone think and care to know a person will die before he dies. Somethings or conditions are likely to prompt such a desire to know. So, how do we know a person will die before he finally dies?

Seamus Coyle, an honorary research fellow at the University of Liverpool and an expert doctor on palliative care, who has witnessed hundreds of people dying through their work has revealed the process of dying usually happens around two weeks before the heart stops beating for the final time, in one of our weirdest blog article.

While admitting that what everyone experiences in their final moments differs, Dr. Seamus Coyle, in an article for The Conversation, reported by Daily Express, highlights what happens two weeks before the heart stops beating for the final time and he or she dies and what it feels like for the unfortunate person passing on. Here are the five feelings of ‘actively dying’ persons as they get closer to their deaths with two to three days more left to live:

1. They typically struggle to walk and become sleepier.

2. They manage to stay awake for shorter and shorter periods.

3. Find it difficult to swallow tablets or consume food and drinks towards the last days of life.

4. They feel good and excited. This happens especially when accept they are dying.

5. They feel less pain.

The reason people feel their dying process

The expert doctor hinted that studies predicted that a rush of chemicals, an increase in the body’s stress chemicals – chemicals that increase when the body is fighting an infection, including endorphins are released from the brain, which can induce euphoric feelings in a person – a prediction that links to the likelihood that a person will die, unknown to others.

The expert doctor on palliative care doctor reassured that in general, it seemed like people’s pain declined during the dying process. The pain might be related to endorphins being released from the brain.

Dr. Seamus Coyle also said that a number of people, however, will go through this entire phase within a day, some people actually stay at the cusp of death for nearly a week or two weeks before they die, something which usually is extremely distressing for families.

Watch a YouTube Video of How a Person Dies

Watch a YouTube Video of ‘How a Person Feels Before He Dies

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