Videos of strange bright green skies in a city: Is it a sign of severe weather or an end time?


Videos of strange green skies in a city: Is it a sign of severe weather, refracted lights from another source or location, or an end time?

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Videos of strange green skies in a city: Is it a sign of severe weather, refracted lights from another source or location, or an end time?

Viral videos and several photos have been shared online on social media platforms of the strange bright green in the city of South Dakota in the US on Tuesday before severe storms hit Sioux Falls city as many residents and internet users were puzzled and searched for the reason for the incredible appearance. The sky over South Dakota turned a shade of emerald green, baffled the residents and social media users with the rare and spooky phenomenon, reported Newsweek, and has left looking for answers. Is it a sign of severe weather, a refracted light from another location, or a sign of an end time?

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Pictures and videos shared online showed mystifying scenes where the sky had turned green while stormy clouds hovered over the region before the storm.

A bizarre video of the sky turning bright green in South Dakota city, the US that baffled residents and social media users calls for answers

According to the NDTV headline on the report captioned: ‘’US’s city skies turn green as residents share photos on social media’’ and News18 headline titled: ‘’Sky Over South Dakota Turns Green as Twitterati Capture the Rare Phenomenon’’, skies in South Dakota, United States, on Tuesday, turned a bright shade of green right had their eyes glued to the sky as it turned bright green before severe weather pushed through the southeastern part of the state as severe storms hit Sioux Falls city.

Scientists believe that the strange phenomenon is a result of severe weather conditions, while some said they had never seen such an occurrence in their lives before, but is it something else? Is it really refracted lights from another location or source or a sign that the world coming to an end soon?

NDTV wrote that on the same Tuesday, according to the Independent, a heavy storm swept across South Dakota and even impacted parts of Nebraska and Iowa. It left thousands of homes without power for hours. The extent of damage from the long-lasting wind storm is still unclear.

As per Fox Weather, the bright green colour is created from light refraction within the thunderstorms and indicates that a storm will be capable of producing large hailstones. 

Taking to social media, a National Weather Services (NWS) meteorologist also explained that thunderstorm clouds can glow green when the red light of the sun at the end of the day interacts with the water or ice content in the storm. Cory Martin declared the storm a ‘derecho’ – which is a large and continuous event with wind speeds over 93 km per hour. 

News18 wrote that the severe weather conditions were the result of a derecho that barrelled through South Dakota and other parts of the region. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), a derecho is a powerful band of moving showers or thunderstorms that are widespread and long-lived.

The derecho caused stormy winds that soon reached the speed of up to 99 miles per hour in the state. But before the storm arrived. The storm intensified into a derecho, bringing widespread damage to crops, houses, fences, toppling trees, and semi-trucks, National Weather Service (NWS) said on their website.

“Green skies are associated with severe weather,” Craig Bohren, physicist, and occasional green thunderstorm expert, was quoted as saying by Scientific American.

 “This phenomenon is typically a visual warning sign that the thunderstorm is capable of producing very large hail!” the infographics stated.

NDTV reported that the phenomenon was not the first time clouds have turned to a different colour. Back in May, residents in China’s eastern port city of Zhoushan were left stunned as the skies turned red. It was later revealed that the scary-looking red sky came from lights refracted from local boats in low clouds in the region.

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