Watch Viral Video: Jaguar attacks crocodile swimming on a river bank; Internet users stunned


Watch Viral Video: Jaguar attacks crocodile swimming on a river bank; Internet users stunned

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Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay 

Watch Viral Video: Jaguar attacks crocodile swimming on a river bank; Internet users stunned

Watch Twitter Video: Jaguar attacks crocodile swimming on a river bank, leaving internet users stunned

Watch a trending video of a jaguar attacking a crocodile swimming in water on a river which has gone viral on social media platform Twitter leaving stunned internet commenting, in one of the latest strange news blog posts of today.

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Jaguar attacks a crocodile on the river bank powerfully throwing up with his teeth, leaving the internet amazed with its power. Image credit: NDTV

According to the media agency’s strange news report, a video going viral on social media shows exactly that. In the footage, which has re-appeared on Twitter, a Jaguar is seen hunting a crocodile on the bank of a river.

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In the viral video, the Jaguar uses its stalk-and-ambush strategy while approaching the crocodile. The big cat is first seen hiding amidst the branches and bushes near the river, with total focus on the crocodile. It then suddenly jumps on the crocodile floating in the water and attacks it.

Shared by a user named Figen on Monday, the 42-second video was originally posted by another user named Vahsi Hayatlar on Twitter two years ago but is trending on internet social media

The strange video has received 2.6 million of views and more than 27,000 likes since being shared. Around 4,800 users re-shared the video on Twitter.

The strange news report is captioned: ‘’ Watch Viral Video: Jaguar attacks crocodile swimming on a river bank leaving internet users stunned

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