Video: World’s Worst Prison? – Where inmates kill other fellow inmates and eat their meat


World's Worst Prison where inmates kill fellow prisoners and eat their flesh

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Video: World’s Worst Prison? – Where inmates kill other fellow inmates and eat their meat

How terribly bizarre does it sound to you to know that inside a prison, the Inmates have been eating fellow dead prisoners they kill to survive while also suffering from appalling medical conditions in the Gitarama Prison in Rwanda, regarded as one of the ‘world’s worst prison’?

According to a weird report on citing Zee News India, under the headline: ‘’Inside world’s worst prison where inmates kill each other and then eat the dead’’, fights regularly break out due to the horrible conditions in the prison as desperate prisoners kill their fellow inmates are and feast their flesh.

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Gitarama Prison in Rwanda has been notorious for a long time that and its overcrowding has led to bizarre dreadful conditions

In 1995, more than 1,000 detainees were reported to have died inside the jail, while there were further reports of rotting limbs due to a lack of medical care and unhygienic beds.

Conditions in the prison have been condemned for a long time which has long drawn the concern of international human rights groups like Amnesty International.

Brigitte Troyon, then of the International Committee of the Red Cross, told the Independent: “The conditions here are completely inhumane. It’s urgent that they are improved. “Half a dozen people are dying in Gitarama every day. If an epidemic breaks out there’s no knowing how many could die.”

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Gitarama Prison in Rwanda is reported to suffer from massive overcrowding, with thousands of inmates stuffed into a space designed for just a few hundred to a thousand people.

Estimates put the number of inmates there at between 5,000 and 7,000 people. Amnesty International said in 2007 that it “reportedly held 7,477 detainees although its official capacity was 3,000”.

Many of the inmates were said to be suspects of the horror crimes of the Rwandan genocide, which saw the brutal murder of as many as 800,000 people in 1994 over a period of around 100 days.

If the conditions in Gitarama Prison in Rwanda don’t make it the ‘world’s worst prison’, then it should be undoubtedly and believably one of the worst, indeed.

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