Zoom for school: 3 Ways to keep the kids focused


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Zoom for school: 3 Ways to keep the kids focused

Zoom has taken several steps to shore up its videoconferencing platform as users grew reliant on tools to navigate remote work and schooling. In a move deemed as the solution to resilience, Zoom In a blog post revealed a new video conferencing tool called “Focus,” aimed specifically for classroom teaching environments for kids to learn without distractions.

No doubt, Zoom remains a key part of many students’ and kids’ remote learning experience ever since COVID-19 made it difficult for them to learn in the traditional classroom setting.

The video conferencing mode is introduced as a new feature to keep them from getting distracted in class.


How to use Zoom ‘’Focus’’ for school to help the kids from getting distracted

How will Zoom ‘’Focus’’ for school help the kids from getting distracted with the new enticing features? There are 3 ways on achieving that:

  1. Teachers will be able to see every student in class, but students will only see the teacher during a class run through Zoom using “Focus”. In a student’s view, pupils and students will only see the names of students in available windows, but not their peers’ nonverbal feedback or hear other students when unmuted.
  2. “Focus” mode works the same when teachers enable screen sharing and will allow an instructor to share a student’s screen when appropriate during class.
  3. “Focus’’ mode is designed with a digital learning environment that allows students to stay attentive or work on their tasks while under supervision, without being distracted by others and their tasks.  reads a support page on Zoom’s website detailing the feature.


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