COVID-19 Education News: US President Trump confident coronavirus originated from Wuhan Lab China


US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump. Photo credit:

US President Donald Trump highly confident coronavirus originated from Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab in China

Trump said the result of the investigation of the involvement of the Wuhan Lab China disease outbreak would be out soon.

He disclosed that Chinese authorities either couldn’t or didn’t want to stop the coronavirus pandemic

US President Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that he was highly confident coronavirus originated from Wuhan Lab in China.

President Trump also said that investigations are on and the results would soon be out while answering questions asked by reporters at East Room of the White House.


How China defeated coronavirus

While not holding his Chinese counterpart responsible for the virus outbreak, Donald Trump lamented the inability of China to stop the pandemic that has brought suffering to the world which emerges from the country.

President Trump said that the coronavirus disease pandemic could have been contained at Wuhan ground level rather than allowing it to spread, claiming  China was either unable to stop it or they chose not to.

He further reasoned that either they were incompetent to do it or it spread out of their control.

US President Trump further complained that China was able to stop all planes and traffics coming to China but didn’t stop the planes and traffics going to the US and Europe.

Mr. Trump described the US as very lucky and proactive enough to have stopped put the ban on China in January and on Europe which helps to reduce the extent of the spread.

He assured that the US government is working very hard to get a good and powerful definition of what happened before holding them responsible with the promise the result of the investigation would be out in the not-too-distant-future

He reiterated that China is scientifically advanced and brilliant well enough to have stopped the pandemic.

He regretted that most countries in the world have suffered great sorrow, pain, sadness, and death of their citizens and that something was going to be dealt with soon enough.

At the time of this report, coronavirus disease pandemic has resulted in 230,000 deaths globally with many economies shattered.


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