Edo State Government shuts down 2 schools


School cultism

Edo State Government has shut down two schools in the state, Ihogbe College and Oba Akenzua Secondary School due to cultic activities. The acting governor momentarily ordered the closing down of the above mentioned schools.

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This is to enable government, the committee and parents think of solutions to the cult-related activities among the students.

He ordered the shutdown of the school a week before vacation date, leaving only those in Senior Secondary 3 (S.S 3) and Junior Secondary school (J.S 3 ) due to the fact that others have finished their exams.

This was done to set up committee that will address the clashes among the schools and effective measures to settle them. A corrective measure will help the students inculcate good and acceptable social and moral behaviours

He opined that cultism cannot be allowed in secondary schools in Edo State, maintaining that the right authority be established in these schools. He also said that cult clash and rivals ought to be put to a stop, saying that though things went wrong but solution must be proffered.

He said that educating the students on moral behavior is necessary for them to know the root cause of the actions the reason for setting up mentorship committee

The acting governor noted that part of the solution is directing the minds the students towards moral education and ensuring that parents be involved in tackling the issues at hand because their roles are indispensable in fighting the act of cultism amongst their children. Shaibu stated that every hand must be on desk – The government, the teachers and parents; all must contribute for better solution to the issue.

The acting Governor assured that the matter it not a lost case; that the problem is not beyond control.

Considering the complaint of the teachers and other policy issues, he concluded that students must be helped and reassured them that no stone will be left unturned in the policy and decision-making about the case.

Pastor Kay Benson Akigbe a motivational speaker on same matter advised the students to accept corrections from teachers for their own good. He as well urges the parent to report their children’s misbehavior to their teachers and committee they set up.


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