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Horizon Workrooms – A New Zoom Competitor: Facebook adds Virtual Reality (VR) to the Online Collaborative Technology Tool

Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms, an online collaborative technology tool. now has Virtual Reality

Facebook has added virtual reality (a free beta) to the already-featured conference call ability to its Horizon Workrooms – a new online collaborative technology tool poised to compete with other remote communication platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, among others.

Social Media Technology giant, Facebook, in unveiling it, described it as a “mixed reality” meeting tool its “flagship collaboration experience.” for the future with a view of making it an outstanding virtual reality chat room.

This new development in the remote tech world is emerging at a time we are going from chat rooms to video calls, as many companies are scouting new ways of participation and collaboration as the technology evolves.


5 Features of Horizon Workrooms as a Remote Collaborative Tool

Why choose Horizon Workrooms over Zoom and Google Meet or any other remote collaborative tool? The following features might convince you into opting for the new meeting tool over the others:

  1. Horizon Workrooms offers something different: a “metaverse” virtual reality gathering space for business meetings and general productivity, built around the Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality
  2. It incorporates natural movement and ease of use into your standard work arrangement, bringing it into an environment where you can collaborate with others.
  3. Using a companion app for your computer, Horizon Workrooms allows users to mirror their desktop or laptop into the virtual workstation, basically, bringing your work set up into the virtual space, for you to use your computer almost as you normally would.
  4. It tracks some of the most popular keyboards, so they also appear in the space.
  5. Workrooms allows you to use headset sensors to do some of the most impressive hand-trackings. You can use simple, most responsive, hand gestures to join meetings, set up rooms, or call up your computer screen.

To experience the full VR experience of Horizon Workrooms, you and those you wish to collaborate with will need Facebook’s $300 Oculus Quest 2 (not to mention the willingness to wear a headset). To join in VR you will also need a Workrooms account and an Oculus account, the latter of which requires a Facebook account.

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