Video: How to sing like a professional in 3 minutes with a strange karaoke training device


Video: How to sing like a professional in 3 minutes with a strange karaoke training device

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Entertainment & Arts | Music | Singing like a pro with a karaoke device

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Video: How to sing like a professional in 3 minutes with a strange karaoke training device

In one of our latest news blog posts of today, we report on how you can sing like a professional (pro) with Japanese’s weirdest karaoke training device if you love karaoke, but find it challenging to hit the right notes of your favourite songs.

According to the strange news blog report, you are apparently set to sing like a professional is using a weird Japanese karaoke training device for just three minutes per day.

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The Japanese’s weird karaoke singing device makes a singer sing like a pro. Image credit: Oddity Central

The weird blog report stated that the Japanese company Dream recently launched the Proidea High Tone Trainer, a weird-looking device that allegedly allows users to sing reaching high notes they normally struggle with just by putting the device in their mouths, keep it there for 3 minutes a day, and they magically turn into a much better karaoke singer.

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A woman practicing with the Japanese’s weird karaoke singing device in her mouth. Image credit: Oddity Central

Dream claims that anyone can use its weird sing-aiding device because it can be used hands-free while doing other stuff, like house chores, writing, gaming, among others.

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The weird news blog post is captured: ‘’Sing Like a Pro In Three Minutes With Japan’s Weirdest Karaoke Training Device Yet’’

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